Image File Missing on Site Page

keith_k 2 years ago • updated by Grommit 2 years ago 1

The image/icon graphic for the Length tool is missing and an image placeholder is displaying for it on this page, http://warewolf.io/knowledge-base/tool-connectors/

Under review

Licensing and support

Anonymous 2 years ago • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 2

I wanted to clarify the license and support pricing... do I understand it correctly that we can use Warewolf to create commercial service offerings without cost other than the optional support packages? We have been using K2 for years but it is simply out of the budget for smaller companies that stand to gain tremendous value from workflow based solutions. With Warewolf we see that there may be a way for us to service smaller companies if there were no licensing fees for the workflow engine. We would also like the freedom to create SaaS based solutions where we host the workflow engine in the cloud, on-prem or even with a hybrid approach. Please confirm that there are no licensing costs for using Warewolf - only the optional support fees on a monthly basis.

Thanks for your help with this. I would like to start testing Warewolf to see how feasible it would be for us to start using but different folks in the office were reading the licensing/pricing terms differently and I wanted to reach out and get an answer from you directly.

Thanks so much for creating such a remarkable product and choosing to share it with the community.


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New to Warewolf ESB

Gerhard 2 years ago • updated by Genie 2 years ago 1

Hi I'm very new to this area and would like to learn how warewolf ESB and GitHub works.

I would like to build custom tool connectors.

What area of the code base do you suggest I start from/learn to do this in the most efficient way?

Genie 2 years ago

Hi Gerhard,

You can start in the knowledge base and more specifically the activity article.

Once you comfortable there, my suggestion would be to take the DropBox tool and split it into a DropBox read and DropBox write tool, to help you get a feel for how things work.



Download, Subscribe Dialogue Box on Website Hung on Chrome Browser

Anonymous 2 years ago • updated by Grommit 2 years ago 3

Maybe it's just me, my Chrome, and my extensions, but when I try to download Warewolf ESB it pops open this dialogue box that I can't get past.

Grommit 2 years ago

Hi Dale
I have tested this in Chrome (version 47.0.2526.106) and it's working - what version are you on?

Please try the latest version and clearing your cache.
I will send you a download link to the email address you have in the screenshot.

Please let me know if you have any further troubles.


What APIs are currently available from WareWolf ESB?

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Warewolf 2 years ago 5


What APIs are currently available from WareWolf ESB? Do you have an API/connector for SMTP, FTP, MS Dynamics AX?




OAUTH security for endpoints

JUSTIN 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 5
Can i provide oauth security for apis internally?
service deploy studio explorer debug

Is there any way to search the Api ?

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 7
I want to know that is there any possible way i can search the API from its whole API set?
service studio

HTML Support in Email Body

Jacques Zwiegelaar 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 4
Howto add HTML to the body of an email.
Gandalf 2 years ago

Done. Functionality released in version



Copy services/workflows between computers

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Robin 3 years ago 2
First off great product! It has made learning about SOA using an ESB very fun. I think I already know the answer to my question but I'm wondering if there's a way to copy services/workflows between computers. I read about the need to be connected to a different server in order to deploy to it. My question comes about because I work on a lot of my application projects at work and home and I typically use a drop box to pass my project files from one place to the next. Is there anyway I can do that with my work in Warewolf? Thanks!
Gandalf 3 years ago
Heres a good place to start in the repository or to understand how it all works:
https://github.com/Warewolf-ESB/Warewolf-ESB/blob/development-stable/Dev/Example Shipper/Example Shipper/Program.cs

Service governance and SSO authentication

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 3
Hi guys
Does your ESB have Service governance tools and SSO authentication support?