Duplicate Resource not Updating Relationships

Anonymous 3 hours ago in Server / Resources 0
  1. After Duplicating a resource WITH relationships updated as well
  2. Go to the newly created resource
  3. Double Click on nested resource on the design surface
  4. Edit it
  5. Open the resource in the explorer that should have been edited
  6. Observe it is not edited (And the original one is)

Duplicate not working in Explorer

Anonymous 4 hours ago in Studio / Explorer 0
  1. Create a new folder in warewolf studio explorer.
  2. Right click another folder and select duplicate.
  3. Select folder from 1 above 
  4. and click Update duplicate relationships (not sure if this affects anything, probably not)
  5. Save
  6. Refresh explorer
  7. Observe, folder from 1 no longer exists. It does exist on the file system and if you restart the server service

Error experienced, causing VM instability, on Warewolf

Wynand Vermaak 2 weeks ago in Server 0

Hello Team.

I'd like to bring an error to your attention and for your consideration. We are currently observing this error on Warewolf and it is causing the VM that is hosting the microservice to become unstable.


On Monday 2024-07-01 we deployed code to our LeadsServices UAT environment. Because changes were made to the secure.config (workflow was set to public), we had to restart the service in order for the changes in the secure.config to take effect. The VM restart was performed at around 16:15. After the restart, Sai from DevOps observed, using PRTG monitoring, a couple of red flags. One of them was the number of concurrent Warewolf connections. 

Image 1143

Now because this is a relatively new MicroService, and UAT environment, there wasn't any processes running in the background. I'm attaching the warewolf log to support this and for your review and consideration. The red flags only disappeared after 15mins - even tho there were no transactions / workflows processing on the microservice. wareWolf-Server-Leads-UAT.zip

However, what we have found is that when we restart a Production VM, one that is busy with a lot of workflows executing at the same time, these red flags take much longer to disappear. We also observed that workflows or APIs would take much longer to execute during this time. For example a Post Tool that calls an API that normally takes around 3 seconds would take much much longer - often to the point of timing out. And when this happens, Architecture and DevOps decides to switch off the VM as a precautionary measure - which means we are sitting without a service in Production.

If we consider the time we observed the red flags in PRTG, and we look at the corresponding time in the Warewolf Server logs - it appears that the following error may be the culprit:

2024-07-01 16:15:02,101 ERROR - [Warewolf Error] - Dev2.ServerLifecycleManager
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8007045B): A system shutdown is in progress. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007045B)
at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo)
at System.Management.ManagementScope.InitializeGuts(Object o)
at System.Management.ManagementScope.Initialize()
at System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher.Initialize()
at System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher.Get()
at Dev2.ServerLifecycleManager.GetNumberOfCores()
at Dev2.ServerLifecycleManager.TrackUsage(UsageType usageType, IExecutionLogPublisher logger)
at Dev2.ServerLifecycleManager.CleanupServer()

Please feel free to reach out should you need more information. Let's understand and solve together.



execution server
Under review

Issue with connecting to remote server for Docker container

Sai Chawan 6 months ago updated by Ashley Lewis 2 months ago 1

Docker container is not able to connect to remote server for Unit Test, currently we are pulling warewolf version

Image 1141

Under review

Warewolf testing Framework - Possible Process improvement - A better / faster way to generate unit tests in future

Wynand Vermaak 7 months ago in Studio / Output updated 7 months ago 3

Hi team,

We have noticed that when we debug a Main workflow, that contains several child workflow, we are able to see the full debug for the process. However, when we click the "Create a new test" button on the Debug Output, as per snip below, the test that gets generated only populates the inputs and outputs of the Main workflow - meaning the variables, objects and or recordsets associated with the child workflows doesn't populate or pull through - 

Image 1140

The current reality of how it is working currently is that we then have to manually populate all the other variables / objects and / or recordsets for the inputs / outputs of the child workflows in order to get the test to pass, else it will fail. Some of the variables like GUIDS are also unique with each execution, and because we are unable to copy and paste from the debug output we need to manually type these out. We work with some complex and large Main workflows with a lot child workflows, which means by manually filling in these variables, objects or recordsets can easily take 35 - 45 mins to complete for one test. 

Is there a better, faster, more accurate way of generating unit tests in the future?

A discussed low hanging fruit was to allow the ability to copy inputs / outputs from the debug output.

Please share your thinking of what is possible - we can put our heads together and come up with a good - viable long term solution that can enhance the dev process (Time and accuracy).



debug studio variables workflow

Get Tool - Bug when trying to Generate Output as a variable - Warewolf

Wynand Vermaak 7 months ago in Studio 0

Hello team,

I recently discovered that when I use the Get Tool in Warewolf whereby when you Generate Outputs on the tool, it doesn't give you the option to map the single response as a variable as shown below workflow from a previous version of Warewolf (2.8.3) -

Image 1137

Warewolf returns the following:

Image 1138

Image 1139

Can this please be investigated? Also, from experience I know the code for the Get Tool and Post tool are very similar, can you pls confirm that the Post Tool can also output as a variable.



studio tool variables

Polybase Tool

Wynand Vermaak 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 1

Hello team,

Is it currently possible to connect to Polybase using the existing Warewolf functionality or, would a tool need to be created?



database designer execution plugin server studio tool

Decision Tool - Is Regex - failure

Wynand Vermaak 10 months ago in Studio / Toolbox 0

Morning everyone,

Context: Business is looking at saving messaging cost, by sending an email instead of an sms - as it works out cheaper. In the business we do however face a concern with regards to the correctness of the email addresses captured by agents. We are now looking at reporting on incorrectly captured contact details in an attempt to increase the success rates of contacting our customers.  

Approach: We looked at using the decision tool's Is Regex functionality, with regular expression /^\w+([\.-]?\w+)*@\w+([\.-]?\w+)*(\.\w{2,3})+$/ to validate an email.

Problem: We found that the functionality is not working as expected - when entering a valid email address the validation fails instead of passing.

I have attached a sample workflow to demonstrate the concern: EmailValidation.bite 

designer execution studio tool workflow
Not a bug

Advanced Recordset Tool fails

Anonymous 11 months ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by Ashley Lewis 10 months ago 2

When the advanced recordset tries to process a recordset that does not exist it does not throw an error but instead makes the rest of the workflow unresponsive.