RabbitMQ Consumer Prefetch value

jigar patel 7 hours ago in Server / Execution updated by Wynand Vermaak 7 hours ago 1

Hi Team, there is one suggestion to improve RabbitMQ consumer performance. We can divide the load with multiple consumer by specifying prefetch count value. If we are not specifying prefetch value that means single consumer have unlimited buffer means single consumer will pick all the data from queue.

Prefetch meaning "prefetch simply controls how many messages the broker allows to be outstanding at the consumer at a time. When set to 10, this means the broker will send 10 message, wait for the ack, then send the next."

References : 

Suggestion : Add prefetch configuration in trigger section of warewolf studio (i.e like trigger concurrency)

Please let me know if you need more help to understand.


Service/Workflow not showing on my folder structure

Siya 6 days ago 0

Good Day,

After creating a workflow/service on Warewolf I can not see it on the folder structutre “C:\ProgramData\Warewolf\Resources” Please assist.



Under review

Facing Issue while Inserting value into Database

Anonymous 1 month ago in Studio / Variables updated by Ashley Lewis 2 weeks ago 1

We have created One DAL Workflow. In which we are just inserting data into table with the help of procedure. So Problem is it is not updating 2 column of the table when we called this DAL workflow into our process. However when we execute this DAL workflow independently then it is working fine. 

Let me know if you want to see this workflow. Because I can not attach all the process workflow here. 


Face issue while creating Unit test cases with Select and apply tools on WW version 2.7.5

Anonymous 2 months ago 0

Hi Team,

i'm using WW version 2.7.5

I tried to create a test cases and there were issue was facing when I have used Select and apply with sequence tool.

I have attached the video link for more understanding.



Warewolf closes when trying to generate a test case for a big workflow

Wynand Vermaak 2 months ago in Studio 0

Hi team,

Please see the recording below: Call with Hiren and 1 other-20220418_175527-Meeting Recording.mp4

It appears that Warewolf closes when a user tries to generate a test for a "big" workflow. It happened on all three of our machines (Hiren, Vijay and myself).

Attached is my server log for reference: wareWolf-Server.log

studio workflow
Not a bug

UAT- - Getting hangfire error at the time of resume suspend tool

maya khambhayata 2 months ago in Server / Execution updated by Njabulo Nxele 2 weeks ago 3

newjourney (2).log

In local environment, sometime it gives "Resume node not found" error. but After restart of warewolf service. it is working fine. Price increase journey have 2 suspend tool in workflow but both are working fine in local environment. But on Dev environment it is failing Randomly. Out of 10 it is failing almost 7 times. I am providing here, workflow and server log.

Yes it new workflow.

Hangfir giving below error: 

{"FailedAt":"2022-04-18T05:28:31.2801372Z","ExceptionType":"System.InvalidOperationException","ExceptionMessage":"Error resuming. ServiceAction is null for Resource ID:ae105df3-9dc5-437e-ba21-e93dd6a0f356","ExceptionDetails":"System.InvalidOperationException: Error resuming. ServiceAction is null for Resource ID:ae105df3-9dc5-437e-ba21-e93dd6a0f356 ---> System.Exception: Error resuming. ServiceAction is null for Resource ID:ae105df3-9dc5-437e-ba21-e93dd6a0f356\r\n --- End of inner exception stack trace ---\r\n at HangfireServer.ResumptionAttribute.OnPerformResume(PerformingContext context) in Y:\\WOLF-INST-COMREL\\Dev\\Warewolf.HangfireServer\\ResumptionAttribute.cs:line 94\r\n at Hangfire.Profiling.ProfilerExtensions.InvokeAction[TInstance](InstanceAction`1 tuple)\r\n at Hangfire.Profiling.SlowLogProfiler.InvokeMeasured[TInstance,TResult](TInstance instance, Func`2 action, String message)\r\n at Hangfire.Profiling.ProfilerExtensions.InvokeMeasured[TInstance](IProfiler profiler, TInstance instance, Action`1 action, String message)\r\n at Hangfire.Server.BackgroundJobPerformer.InvokePerformFilter(IServerFilter filter, PerformingContext preContext, Func`1 continuation)"}

Not a bug

Monetary values pulls through incorrectly

Wynand Vermaak 3 months ago in Installer updated by Njabulo Nxele 3 weeks ago 1

Morning team,

We recently discovered that monetary pulls through incorrectly.

In the first snip you will see that we pass in the values of 35.00 and 172.00 from the db as replace values for the CommsEngine.

In the following snip, you will see how these amounts show up in an email, which are incorrect. (35.0 and 172.0)

Attached you will find an example workflow where we were able to re-produce the error. When you enter 35.00 as an input in the workflow and execute it in the browser, you fill see that the result is 35.0, as per the following snip:

Herewith the file to test:DecimalTest.bite

Can this please be investigated and resolved - its a current production facing issue.



execution variables web

DateTime Tool - Incorrect InputDate given in Debug

Wynand Vermaak 3 months ago in Studio / Output updated by Njabulo Nxele 4 weeks ago 1

Hi team,

Please refer to the screenshot below.

1. Pls look at current DateTime in the far lower right corner of the snip = 2022-04-12 12:31

2. Tool is set to add 10 minutes

3. When executed, in the debug pane, Input date should be 2022-04-12 12:31, however, it is currently giving the Output DateTime's value as the Input DateTime.



debug studio tool workflow

Enhancement - Suspend Tool

Wynand Vermaak 3 months ago in Studio / Toolbox updated 3 months ago 2

Hi team,

I'd like to suggest a possible enhancement to the suspend tool. The functionality will be very valuable to the Journey team, but I'm sure that other teams may also find it valuable.

We'd like the ability to pass a DateTime field as an input on the Suspend tool. This will give us more control over the date and time that a workflow needs to be executed.

Please refer to the attached snip as an example:

studio tool workflow
Gandalf 3 months ago

This functionality already exists. The default option on the suspend tool: "Suspend Untill:" takes a datetime input.

Under review

Enhancement - Warewolf Test Framework

Wynand Vermaak 4 months ago in Studio updated by Gandalf 3 months ago 8

Good day,

Suppose we have a workflow with several test cases. When we make changes to the workflow, due to a change in requirement, all our current test cases will fail, because the pattern of the nodes on the workflow is now different.

Currently, we need to delete all of these test cases and re-create them in order for it to pass. Is it possible that instead of deleting them, we have the functionality to "refresh" them in order to pick up the new nodes / pattern of the nodes and from there we can make the relevant changes if needed?