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SignalR Connector

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I have a SignalR hub with some data that I want to set into warewolf variables and then use this variable value either to store or call other services/web api as a trigger.
Do I need to create a connector to accomplish this behavior?

In order to monitor this variable value, do I need to put this variable within a loop?


tool variables
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Hi victor

Make the call to the URL of the service (Look above the workflow for this). Something like this:

In this example I have a folder called Examples with a workflow called Handler in it which is the workflow you can see on the design surface. In the Variables list on the right, I have set the two variables I want to use as Input so they can be accepted by the workflow. After that, I just use them, as in the decision.

Hope that helps.

Not a bug

Recursive Evaluation

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After reading about how the Datalist caters to recursive evaluation I thought this was interesting and wanted to try it out.
From the technical documentation page:
"i.e. [[hello[[world]]]] would be recursively evaluated as [[hellobob]] where [[world]] had the value of “bob” and then [[hellobob]] as “my name is bob” where [[hellobob]] had the value “my name is bob” stored in it.

I decided to test this out myself. I created a variable [[hellobob]] and assigned the string "my name is bob" Then I created a variable [[world]] and assigned "bob". Finally I created a variable [[result]] and assigned [[hello[[world]]]]. To my disappointment I received a parse error.

I went back and added the variable [[hello]] and assigned "hello"
And then changed my assignment of [[result]] to [[[[hello]][[world]]]]
This produced the expected result. In the debug window it read my assignment as Variable [[result]] = New Value [[hellobob]] with the string "my name is bob" as its value.

I don't know if this is technically a bug since it did behave in a recursive manner when I tried the second time, but perhaps the documentation is wrong. When I set [[result]] to [[hello [[world]]]] It returned [[hello bob]] an unassigned variable. But with no space there, [[hello[[world]]]] results in a parse error.

As part of our architecture framework for WareWolf development, I need to come up with a set of naming conventions for variables(inputs or outputs) in WareWolf workflows.

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Can you suggest a naming convention for WareWolf workflow variables(below are my thoughts):

-For input variables (eg . WorkflowName_In_Variablename)

-For output variables (eg . WorkflowName_Out_Variablename)

-For variables from other workflows that kick off other work flows (eg . WorkflowNameParent_WorkflowName_In_Variablename)



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most languages have keywords / built in functions.
getdate() for SQL or DateTime.Now for c#
How can I get the current time when processing an activity/decision/etc
Also Im sure there are other common things Im going to want todo. Be great to have this somewhere
Gandalf 4 years ago
Hi Paul

Warewolf is a Flow based language. Think about a typical coded function being a workflow and each service or tool in that workflow being a line or action.

So, if you are after the time, we need to execute a tool to get the time into a variable and then use it.

There are a few ways to get the current system time:
1. The calculate tool has all the MS Excel funcitons so you can just tupe: now() and then put that result into a variable.
2. The Assign tool can act like a Calculate tool if you start the assign value with an = so you can just type: =now()
3. The Gather System Information Tool has a Date & Time option
4. Date and Time Tool: If you leave the Input blank and the Input format blank, by default the tool will return the current system time in the system format.

I hope I have answered your question.