RabbitMQ Consumer Prefetch value

jigar patel 3 months ago in Server / Execution updated by Njabulo Nxele 1 month ago 2

Hi Team, there is one suggestion to improve RabbitMQ consumer performance. We can divide the load with multiple consumer by specifying prefetch count value. If we are not specifying prefetch value that means single consumer have unlimited buffer means single consumer will pick all the data from queue.

Prefetch meaning "prefetch simply controls how many messages the broker allows to be outstanding at the consumer at a time. When set to 10, this means the broker will send 10 message, wait for the ack, then send the next."

References : 

Suggestion : Add prefetch configuration in trigger section of warewolf studio (i.e like trigger concurrency)

Please let me know if you need more help to understand.

Not a bug

UAT- - Getting hangfire error at the time of resume suspend tool

maya khambhayata 6 months ago in Server / Execution updated by Njabulo Nxele 4 months ago 3

newjourney (2).log

In local environment, sometime it gives "Resume node not found" error. but After restart of warewolf service. it is working fine. Price increase journey have 2 suspend tool in workflow but both are working fine in local environment. But on Dev environment it is failing Randomly. Out of 10 it is failing almost 7 times. I am providing here, workflow and server log.

Yes it new workflow.

Hangfir giving below error: 

{"FailedAt":"2022-04-18T05:28:31.2801372Z","ExceptionType":"System.InvalidOperationException","ExceptionMessage":"Error resuming. ServiceAction is null for Resource ID:ae105df3-9dc5-437e-ba21-e93dd6a0f356","ExceptionDetails":"System.InvalidOperationException: Error resuming. ServiceAction is null for Resource ID:ae105df3-9dc5-437e-ba21-e93dd6a0f356 ---> System.Exception: Error resuming. ServiceAction is null for Resource ID:ae105df3-9dc5-437e-ba21-e93dd6a0f356\r\n --- End of inner exception stack trace ---\r\n at HangfireServer.ResumptionAttribute.OnPerformResume(PerformingContext context) in Y:\\WOLF-INST-COMREL\\Dev\\Warewolf.HangfireServer\\ResumptionAttribute.cs:line 94\r\n at Hangfire.Profiling.ProfilerExtensions.InvokeAction[TInstance](InstanceAction`1 tuple)\r\n at Hangfire.Profiling.SlowLogProfiler.InvokeMeasured[TInstance,TResult](TInstance instance, Func`2 action, String message)\r\n at Hangfire.Profiling.ProfilerExtensions.InvokeMeasured[TInstance](IProfiler profiler, TInstance instance, Action`1 action, String message)\r\n at Hangfire.Server.BackgroundJobPerformer.InvokePerformFilter(IServerFilter filter, PerformingContext preContext, Func`1 continuation)"}

Not a bug

For each loop issue: All Recordset index values not passing into child workflow

Ashley Lewis 8 months ago in Server / Execution updated by Siphamandla Dube 8 months ago 2


I have noticed that All the values of recordset are not passing into child workflow for each loop. I have checked this same behavior into the Select & Apply tool and it's working fine.

Please check the sample attached workflows & issue into screenshot.

ForLoopIssue-MainWorkflow (1).bite
ForLoopIssue-ChildWorkflow (1).bite

Gandalf 5 months ago

It looks like the For Each is getting confused with 2 different recordset inputs: User(*) and Benefit(*)

Gandalf 5 months ago

Change For Each to use No. of Executes = 3 and see different result. This is from the tool handeling the replacement of * differently and incorectly.

Yogesh Rajpurohit yesterday at 9:13 a.m.

We have checked and found that the sequence of BenifitID in User Payload is incorrect so we changed the sequence and checked the result. Output is coming properly.

Attached are the Edited Workflows.

ForLoopIssue-ChildWorkflow (2).bite
ForLoopIssue-MainWorkflow (2).bite

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Configure SSL certificate for port 3143?

Timothy Boyden 11 months ago in Server updated by Elmo 11 months ago 2

How do you secure port 3143 with a real SSL certificate? Haven't been able to find any documentation on this. Using server version


Suspend Tool Failing

Anonymous 11 months ago in Server / Execution 0

There is a problem with the suspend tool. I have two workflows created in, one works fine and the other does not.

Works fine: SuspendToolTest

Does not work: suspendtest



Warewolf-2.6.4: Trigger: On Local environment trigger is not picking the data from Rabbit MQ in most cases.

maya khambhayata 12 months ago in Server 0

Discussion-20211022_124100-Meeting Recording.mp4 in Warewolf-2.6.4 version, I have created 4 triggers in local environment and set the concurrency to more than 1. It created the queue in RabbitMQ. While pushing the data to queue in RMQ. It is not picking data most of the time. I have to edit something in trigger and save again. For example i have to change concurrency from 2 to 3 OR 3 to 2. then only trigger is picking data from RMQ. Also checked with other team members too. They are also facing same issue. Here I am attaching video recording for same.

Under review

Warewolf.Tools.Specs compile error

Timothy Boyden 1 year ago in Server updated 1 year ago 2

Received the following error when attempting to compile Warewolf.Tools.Specs:

"The command "powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -nologo -noprofile -file "C:\source\Warewolf\Warewolf-develop\Dev\Warewolf.Tools.Specs\Warewolf.Tools.Specs\Toolbox\FileAndFolder\AddGuidToPaths.ps1"" exited with code -196608."

Required for compiling Dev2.Activities.Specs. Which is required for compiling Server.

server source

There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'reverse' of 'TaskEventLog.GetEnumerator(bool)'

Timothy Boyden 1 year ago in Server updated by Ashley Lewis 1 year ago 3

Error compiling Dev2.TaskScheduler.Wrappers. From develop branch as of 9/27/2021.

Project: Dev2.TaskScheduler.Wrappers

File: Dev2TaskEventLog.cs

server source
Ashley Lewis 1 year ago

I have committed this patch:


Please check if this fixes the compile on your machine?


Argument 6: cannot convert from 'System.IO.Stream' to 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<Dropbox.Api.FileProperties.PropertyGroup>'

Timothy Boyden 1 year ago in Server updated by Ashley Lewis 1 year ago 3

Error compiling solution for Dev2.Common. Develop branch clone as of 9/27/2021.

File: DropboxClientWrapper.cs

Project: Dev2.Common

server source
Ashley Lewis 1 year ago

I have committed this patch:


Please check if this fixes the compile on your machine?


Date Time and Debug not correct

Hagashen Naidu 2 years ago in Server / Execution 0

Please see attached workflow. When passing the following JSON as input:

"dateTime": "2020-04-14T09:20:18.982Z"

Even though the JSON is valid and I have specified the DateTime Input Format correctly when I debug I get an error that the Input String is not in the correct format. However when I 'View in Browser' it does not show an error. Furthermore the debug input of the tool does not show the input due to the error.


Date Time Issue.bite

PS. I got this to work by making the input format my current system format as it turned out, internally the Newtonsoft de-serializer interprets the DateTime into the system format. This is however hidden from user and would be difficult to find.

I think showing the Debug Input values would help the user see what value was actually being used and then they could adjust the format based on that. There is a case for saying that the format should not have changed without me explicitly doing so.

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