need Warewolf startup logs with more details

Khushbu desai 2 years ago in Server 0


when warewolf get started it just shows simple message that "warewolf started..." but not provide squences of events generated with warewolf start 

Why we are looking this ?

Case 1 : 

with containerize warewolf , sometimes warewolf server is not starting on some time and it laggs to get started. that's where we are aware about why it is not starting /where it is stuck 

Case 2 : 

we also notice that with high amount of data in queue, triggers are started and take to get load, yet warewolf server has not fully started or container has not fully initialized  

Case 3 : 

when there are certain numbers of warewolf has been developed in warewolf instance like more than 800 workflows and it takes time to get started 

to resolve all the above cases , we need detail level logs of warewolf then it will help us to resolve or fix issue with our microservices .