View in browser not passing parameters from Querystring

Alex Hampel 6 years ago in Server / Execution • updated by Gandalf 6 years ago 0

If I execute in debug mode it works correctly using an assign/passing in parameter values

if I use an assign just after start, it works correctly and returns the expected result in the browser

If I take out the assign and pass in the values in a querystring from the browser it appears as if they're not being passed through

Gandalf 6 years ago

All done. You can now also add .json to the end of the service you are calling! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

PS You dont need to put the [[ ]] into the query string: ?FName=Alex&SName=Hampel


SQL connection - windows auth

Alex Hampel 6 years ago in Server / Resources • updated by Grommit 6 years ago 1

When I select 'Windows' for sql authentication and click the test connection button it immediately fails.

If i click test connection again the 'working' wheel just spins forever with no result.

Grommit 6 years ago

This will be available in the next build. Thanks Alex.