Insight into Warewolf Workflows and how many active threads are being used per Workflow

Clinton Grant 10 months ago in Server / Resources 0


I am currently running warewolf on a VM with 8 vCPUs, I want to know how do I get insight into how many workflows are currently running and utilizing threads and how many are being queued to run

The reason I would like this insight is to be able to accurately monitor performance to ensure that I have enough vCPUs for the amount of workflows processing and also to know when to upscale or down scale correctly to be able to save costs.

My monitoring product that I am currently using is PRTG for monitoring my VM's

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Warewolf Resource Insights

Anonymous 1 year ago in Server / Resources updated by Ashley Lewis 9 months ago 1
  1. Have the ability in the Warewolf Studio to see the resource consumption down to individual named workflow for memory used, CPU threads used etc.
  2. Have the ability to integrate 3rd party monitoring tools such as PRTG with the above in order to identify which named workflow is consuming all the resources assigned to the VM or Kubernetes POD.
  3. Have the ability to set percentage threshold alerts on resources assigned to the VM or Kubernetes POD.
  4. Have the ability to email alerts when thresholds are breached.
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Command Line Deploy

Anonymous 2 years ago in Server / Resources 0

How do I deploy from a batch file or command line rather than the Studio?

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WCF Host/Endpoint Support

Victor Rocha 9 years ago in Server / Resources updated by anonymous 8 years ago 7

Are you planning to support (host) WCF services?

I mean, give to user the ability to load a DLL dynamically and host it (endpoint) within Warewolf ESB to be accessed by Warewolf and any other WCF client? Is it possible?


  • 1 - Load DLL - WCFHelloService.IHelloServiceBus - (Contract - mapping methods dynamically)

  • 2 - Host it:
using System.ServiceModel;
ServiceHost host = new ServiceHost(typeof(HelloServiceBus), uri);

  • 3 - Turns it available as a WCF's endpoint (Some binding types) to be consumed by any WCF client and Warewolf ESB:

<service name="WCFHelloService.HelloServiceBus">
<endpoint address="net.tcp://warewolfendpoint/HelloService" binding="netTcpBinding" contract="WCFHelloService.IHelloServiceBus"/>
I believe, if it is possible, that WCF hosting will give much more integration capabilities, enabling users to concentrate all its WCF services into Warewolf ESB.
Best regards!
anonymous 8 years ago

Hi Victor,

Warewolf ESB currently allows connecting to webservices as well as loading of .net dll so both these methods are options to access an existing WCF service.



Updating Password for db

Alex Hampel 11 years ago in Server / Resources updated by Gandalf 11 years ago 0

My windows password used to connect to this sql server needed to be changed today. I open up my source to enter the new password.

Once the connection test succeeds I am asked to select a db. It would be nice if I didn't have to re-select the db as I'm sure this could lead to the incorrect db being selected.

Gandalf 11 years ago

Good thinking. Thanks


SQL connection - windows auth

Alex Hampel 11 years ago in Server / Resources updated by Grommit 11 years ago 1

When I select 'Windows' for sql authentication and click the test connection button it immediately fails.

If i click test connection again the 'working' wheel just spins forever with no result.

Grommit 11 years ago

This will be available in the next build. Thanks Alex.