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warewolf limits

Daniel 11 months ago updated by Hagashen Naidu 11 months ago 2

hey guys,

what are the limits of warewolf?

can I build an API with it that runs an ecom store?

Elmo 11 months ago

Hi Daniel

Warewolf provides restful services and can orchestrate the communications between 3rd party services that are easy to develop and maintain by any developer.

It can be exposed as a service bus to serve front end web services.

Kind regards



AWS issue

louis 2 years ago updated by Ashley Lewis 2 years ago 1


AWS Version: Database tools Connection: Connected but no Stored procedure in Action Dropdown box

I tryed with SQL, Mysql and Postgree with same results.

Need open some port in AWS or in connected database?

Thank you !

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Request for example - Create MS Word document, add paragraph, save

burque505 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word, I need some guidance. What I want to do is:

  • Create the application;
  • Add a document;
  • Add a paragraph with text;
  • Save and exit.

So far I have managed to crash Studio five or ten times in my efforts.


studio variables

My compiling experience - github version as of July 23, 2019.

burque505 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 16

I would like to share how I got Warewolf to compile and run with Visual Studio 2019. I don't claim this is a best practice, it just worked.

  • I compiled the Server.sln solution as suggested. Once I had the dependencies restored, it compiled without error, although not without warnings.
  • I then tried to compile Studio.sln, which made it almost all the way through, but failed in the Tests section due to a dependency on TestBase.dll. I did not clean the Studio.sln solution.
  • I compiled AcceptanceTesting.sln, which provided the missing dll.
  • I then rebuilt Studio.sln, which now compiled without error.
  • I did a test run (not as suggested by the instructions online) by starting \Dev\Dev2.Server\bin\Debug\Warewolf Server.exe from the command line. It threw a System.IO.FileLoadException. On further investigation, it appears there is a dependency on IronPython 2.5.0, which I did not have installed. I installed this version of IronPython from a downloaded .msi, and recompiled the server. It now started without error.
  • I was then able to start Studio by running \Dev\Dev2.Studio\bin\Debug\Warewolf Studio.exe from the command line.
  • As everything appeared to work, I then compiled Web.sln. The npm installation took a very long time, but it installed.
  • After restarting Server and Studio, everything still works.

Notes and questions:

1) All the solutions I compiled reference VS 2019 (i.e. 16.0). Others reference VS 2019 (i.e. 15.0).

2) Although I have VS 2017 installed side-by-side, I have not attempted to install the solutions that reference that version of VS. My questions are - do I need these other solutions? Can I compile Release.sln without them?



installer server studio web
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How to get warewolf work for .net web application

urmi.vijayvargiy 2 years ago updated by Elmo 2 years ago 1

How to get warewolf work for .net web application


We want use integrations platforms for several service.

Anatoli 2 years ago updated by Grommit 2 years ago 1

Hello, we want use integrations platforms for several service and when it selected stopped on the your soft.

Can I ask some questions?

Your service with open source?

We can using this soft free?

Is this service have good documentations (full documentations, have examples, others resource which help our in work integrations).

Have you service support?

Is service support free? If no, when, how much is cost?

How many agents integrations have for platformes (adapters, connectors), example service: sharepoint, slack, onedrive, google drive, trello etc?

How is a programming language used in the platform?

Please give answer on the my questions, thanks in advance =)

Grommit 2 years ago

Hello Anatoli

You can use the open source version which you compile yourself from GitHub, for free. The GitHub version only has community level support, found here.
If you use the version that is already installed on a VM (Azure  and AWS) then you will pay according to how many cores are used plus other VM costs which can be found at each site. This cost includes support.
The links to the above can be found here: https://warewolf.io/get-warewolf.php

All documentation can be found at


Warewolf is a low-code platform, so no programming languages are used inside the platform.

Hope this helps with your investigation!

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Authorization Error

Tomas B 2 years ago updated by Elmo 2 years ago 11

We have three instances now. Two on developer server, one free compiled and one 30day DEVELOPER edition, developers install it, they try the compilation version there and so on. And one instance on my playground server where I tried to check it from infrastructure perspective, this is also 30day DEVELOPER edition.

On the developer server (two instances, call it server one) installed by one colleague, he has NO problem to connect to both instances with Warewolf studio there. And I have NO problem to connect to one instance which I installed on my server (call it server two). But I cannot connect with my account to warewolf on the server one, and another user has problem to connect to my instance on server two.

The problem is with authorization, but for example I am local admin, I am member of Warewolf Administrators group (and vice versa on second server) but in Warewolf Studio.log there is still error (full log is attached):

System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Client.HttpClientException: StatusCode: 401, ReasonPhrase: 'Unauthorized', Version: 1.1, Content: System.Net.Http.StreamContent, Headers:

I have no idea what authorization I am missing and what more I have to set.

Thanks for your help



Newbie Introduction

prasanthi 2 years ago updated by Grommit 2 years ago 1


Myself Prasanthi. I’m glad being a part of this forum. I am interested in technologies and its upcoming, looking forward to gaining more knowledge through this forum and share my views in discussions.

Thank you.

Grommit 2 years ago

Hi Prasanthi

You will find many resources and helpful articles in the Warewolf Knowledge base: https://warewolf.io/knowledge-base/ 


testing workflows

Murali Naidu 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi Guys

I think in the warewolf we do not have a feature to test our own workflows with the expected results/outputs.

So in a bigger picture whenever I update the workflow, I am not being able to identify which ones are affected and not sure weather the results are still valid.

In order to avoid if we have a feature in warewolf to create a test suite where we can add scenarios with the asserts to check my workflows are still producing same results. this helps for testing the workflows and saves lot of time and money instead of using other tools to test. hope this is a valid suggestion




Genie 2 years ago

Hi Murali,

We actually already have this feature in Warewolf. You can check out this knowledge base article to get familiar with it


Thanks for the suggestion thought, great to know people are looking for this sort of feature. Please keep the requests coming.



We are interested in using warewolf esb in our on-going product.

hari 3 years ago 0

Can you please let us know if it addresses following:

Support for Images

Support for Video stream (live)

Support for Video Stream (recorded)

Support for multi-device data push and process

Scalable for millions of records

Support industry standard formats such as HL7 etc