Dark Theme in Warewolf Studio

Hemant Chauhan 2 days ago 0

its all about the choice but I am suggesting you because it help to reduce the eyes stress of developer. 

Not a bug

Hangfire DB Issue or Suspend and Resume Tools Issue.

Hemant Chauhan 3 weeks ago updated by Yogesh Rajpurohit 6 days ago 3

Hello WareWolf Team, 

Warewolf Version :

Issue 1 ==> Timeout expired. The timeout elapsed prior to obtaining a distributed lock on the 'HangFire:HangfireScheduler.ResumeWorkflow' resource.

Please check attachment, workflow & below recording for Issue 1




Issue 2 ==> We are getting multiple "Processing" for [HangFire].[State]. Please check attachment with name "Issue2" for more detail.


Not a bug

Gate Tool Selection is Getting Disappear

Anonymous 1 month ago updated by Yogesh Rajpurohit 3 weeks ago 3

Point 1)

When we changed anything on First Gate Tool then In Second Gate Tool the selection of First Gate Tool is Getting Disappear. 

Point 2) 

When we select EndWorkflow Option in First Gate Tool it wont allow to select that first Gate Tool in Second Gate Tool. 

(Suggestion )Point 3)

When Condition is not matched in Gate Tool why it is print as error. I believe It was part of functionality so It wont print as Error.



Build error - Missing Warewolf.Driver.Resume.csproj and Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests.csproj

Timothy Boyden 2 months ago updated by Ashley Lewis 4 weeks ago 4

Cloned from GitHub on 2021-09-08. Attempted to build from source per "How to Build Warewolf from Source Part 1". Getting the following errors when trying to build the Server.sln solution:

C:\source\Warewolf\Dev\Warewolf.Driver.Resume\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.csproj : error : The project file cannot be found.

C:\source\Warewolf\Dev\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests.csproj : error : The project file cannot be found.

server source studio

UAT feedback: Suspend tool: getting processing state twice in hangfire database

maya khambhayata 3 months ago 0

Getting processing state twice in hangfire database. because of that sometime activity after suspend execute multiple time.


UAT - 2.6.2 - Getting Empty row in Record set when error occurred.

Anonymous 3 months ago 0

Record set is adding empty row when error occurred during the assignment of value. Please check the sample workflow. Main Workflow 
Chile WorkFlow


How to get setup exec file to install warewolf into win 10 .

Anonymous 3 months ago updated by Gandalf 3 months ago 1

I need to install warewoft.but website there is not single link .by which i can download and install warewolf into my system.Since i tried lot to configure GIT code into my system.but still getting lot of depencies error..please help and provide warewolf download link.


Testing the Jira UserEcho link

Ashley Lewis 7 months ago 0

You can ignore this. I'm just testing if I create an issue in UserEcho it does create a workitem in Jira

Under review

How does warewolf work as a workdlow engine?

oussemabenamor96 7 months ago updated by Elmo 7 months ago 1
hello , i want to know does warewolf could be used as a workflow engine for a microservice application.
like document request , email sending,
i want to connect wareworlf with other services via rabbitmq
and thank you
Elmo 7 months ago

Hi oussemabenamor96

Warewolf is a workflow engine that has the ability to interface with RabbitMQ. It has the ability to send emails using SMTP and MS Exchange. Warewolf has many more capabilities which are easily utilized via the set of already available tools. The tools are dropped on the workflow design surface and ready to execute according to the details provided to them.

The simplified tools are simple to use and yet very powerful in functionality. This results in your business processes being highly visible, easily understood, and able to be changed on the fly when/if required.

Another great feature is that each workflow becomes a REST API which allows rapid deployment with security already part of the implementation.

I hope this answers your question. Please go check out or Azure or AWS offerings at Get Warewolf

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warewolf limits

Daniel 2 years ago updated by Hagashen Naidu 2 years ago 2

hey guys,

what are the limits of warewolf?

can I build an API with it that runs an ecom store?

Elmo 2 years ago

Hi Daniel

Warewolf provides restful services and can orchestrate the communications between 3rd party services that are easy to develop and maintain by any developer.

It can be exposed as a service bus to serve front end web services.

Kind regards