Warewolf Refresh workflow (FetchExplorerItemsService.json) is getting hang when calling from pipeline

Anonymous 10 months ago 0

Hello , 

Warewolf Server Configuration 

Warewolf version -

Workflow - 1200 

CPU(s) - 16 cores 

RAM - 64 GB 

we are deploying Warewolf server using azure pipeline. the command we are using to refresh workflow is 

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "Invoke-WebRequest http://localhost:3142/services/FetchExplorerItemsService.json?ReloadResourceCatalogue=true -UseBasicParsing -UseDefaultCredentials"

Image 1110

as you can see in above screenshot , it is hang up there by 1 hours , in most case it should be finish by 10 secs. 

could you please support us to fix this problem ? 

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