Include Environment variables in logging

jigar.patel 1 день тому 0

In newer warewolf version Environment variables are not logged in elastic search. Environment variables are used to troubleshoot workflow errors so it should be logged. 


-Enable environment variables logging with server setting file configuration
-Mask specific fields in logging

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Can/how can you pass a json object into a Warewolf Workflow Service?

Timothy Boyden 3 тижні тому оновлено Ashley Lewis 2 тижні тому 1

Scenario: I want to sync a set of product records from a local inventory management system to a web store. The local inventory management system provides the data in one json format and I have to convert that data to the web store's json format by doing a data mapping. The json document of product records would be POST to the Warewolf Workflow Service. The service would then transform the data and perform a HTTP POST to the web store.

How could I accomplish that with the current Warewolf toolset (as of  

service studio workflow

Suspend Tool is not working properly in warewolf version 2.6.6

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WareWolf Version : 2.6.6

Please find attached workflow and perform below steps to check two different errors in suspend Tool.

Error 1

1) Copy the input payload from comment section.

2) Execute the workflow 

Error 2

1) Copy the input payload from comment section.

2) Uncheck Manual resumption from suspend tool.

3) Execute the workflow.




Test Case Is getting failed in Dev & Staging environment.

Hemant Chauhan 3 тижні тому оновлено Siphamandla Dube 4 дня тому 3

Test Cases is sometimes getting failed and some times getting pass in dev and stagging environment. Please find below details for more information. 





Note: This is high priority blocker for us

Siphamandla Dube 4 дня тому

Closing ticket as the is no longer any further communication in this regard. 


Facing Issue while deleting test cases

Hemant Chauhan 3 тижні тому оновлено Siphamandla Dube вчора о 07:54 3

Werewolf Version : 2.6.6

We are facing the issue while deleting the test cases. Please check attached file for the same. 

WW Issue-20211115_174356-Meeting Recording.mp4

Server Log

Siphamandla Dube вчора о 07:54

Hello Hermant,

In regards to: "Thus, we will keep this ticket open and use it to track the work needed to adjust the mechanism to cater to this." This has been revised and the best solution with this enhancement would be to manually clean the "%programdata%\Warewolf\CoverageReports" folder as with each test we run the Test Coverage report is generated.


  1. Delete all Coverage Reports inside "%programdata%\Warewolf\CoverageReports"
  2. Run http://localhost:3142/secure/.tests or of that specific folder
  3. Run http://localhost:3142/secure/.coverage should at this point regenerate all the reports you just removed

With this suggestion, this ticket will be closed.


Facing Issue While Creating Unit Test Cases.

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Warewolf Version : 2.6.6

Issue Detail : API long response is getting cut down in test framework. Please check attached video for more detail. 

Test Framework Issue-20211112_185932-Meetin....mp4


Dark Theme in Warewolf Studio

Hemant Chauhan 2 місяці тому оновлено Gandalf 4 тижні тому 2

its all about the choice but I am suggesting you because it help to reduce the eyes stress of developer. 

Gandalf 4 тижні тому

Hi Hemant

We are working on a web UI and will include this in that version. In the interim, why dont you try https://justgetflux.com/

There is a specific "Reduce Eyestrain" feature which I use.

Not a bug

Hangfire DB Issue or Suspend and Resume Tools Issue.

Hemant Chauhan 2 місяці тому оновлено Yogesh Rajpurohit 2 місяці тому 3

Hello WareWolf Team, 

Warewolf Version :

Issue 1 ==> Timeout expired. The timeout elapsed prior to obtaining a distributed lock on the 'HangFire:HangfireScheduler.ResumeWorkflow' resource.

Please check attachment, workflow & below recording for Issue 1




Issue 2 ==> We are getting multiple "Processing" for [HangFire].[State]. Please check attachment with name "Issue2" for more detail.


Not a bug

Gate Tool Selection is Getting Disappear

Анонім 3 місяці тому оновлено Yogesh Rajpurohit 2 місяці тому 3

Point 1)

When we changed anything on First Gate Tool then In Second Gate Tool the selection of First Gate Tool is Getting Disappear. 

Point 2) 

When we select EndWorkflow Option in First Gate Tool it wont allow to select that first Gate Tool in Second Gate Tool. 

(Suggestion )Point 3)

When Condition is not matched in Gate Tool why it is print as error. I believe It was part of functionality so It wont print as Error.



Build error - Missing Warewolf.Driver.Resume.csproj and Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests.csproj

Timothy Boyden 3 місяці тому оновлено Ashley Lewis 2 місяці тому 4

Cloned from GitHub on 2021-09-08. Attempted to build from source per "How to Build Warewolf from Source Part 1". Getting the following errors when trying to build the Server.sln solution:

C:\source\Warewolf\Dev\Warewolf.Driver.Resume\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.csproj : error : The project file cannot be found.

C:\source\Warewolf\Dev\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests\Warewolf.Driver.Resume.Tests.csproj : error : The project file cannot be found.

server source studio