menu icon disabled

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 3
I have a new problem with Warewolf ESB.

I installed Warewolf ESB into MS Azure Windows Server 2008 R2.

The studio is open, I can expand collapse items in left side menu, and can I click items (flows) and items is open. But the icons in top of window is disabled (with red circle with red minus sign aka stop sign).

How can I to enable the menu/icon items in the top of windows?

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Integration questions

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 3
You guys have a wonderful product, simple, clean and inviting. We are starting up a new venture which requires a middle layer between two systems to be the "owner" of data. E.g. ecommerce website and backend order fulfillment software.

Our goal is to integrate this middle ware (ESB) to ecommerce software API/Flat Files, pull order data, store it in our own middleware database, then turn around and integrate with our backend 3rd party order fulfillment system via API or flat files (PULL or PUSH) to serve the order info and get the shipping updates along with inventory back.

My questions:
1. Is the above possible with Warewolf?
2. Can I host Warewolf in the cloud, if yes, what do you recommend for processing possibly 100 orders an hour to start small and then grow? Azure/AWS?
3. Can Warewolf connect to MySQL?
4. I am technical but I don't code, comfortable using databases but don't know enough to do right setup, is there help available from you'll to do so?

I have looked into Mule ESB, Talend and have done many point to point integrations in the past... including making my own ESB (with a dev team) but without any platform and more of a hard coded, non scalable platform.

Thank you for your time.


html interface

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 12
Good day, I am really new to EBS enviroments. Is it possible that someone can show me a basic example of how to get a web page interface with a warewolf program. I have currently made a html page to display the rolldice example program with in Warewolf, but cant figure out how to link the two. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Port permission error in browser

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 2
Hi guys
After downloading it, it ran in Debug mode, but when I tried to run in
Browser mode, I got a port permission error. I'm guessing that's a
firewall issue on my side. I'll take a look this weekend. It looks like a
really interested app, though.

Input on how you would approach this

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 3
Awesome piece of work guys. i'd like to contribute but need your insight first.

this tool is amazing and can be a tool some companies have had problems getting up and running. you've done the hardest part.

what i believe should be done is create out of the box line of business tools grouped into packages by business type, function or industrie. say for example, CRM, ERP, Manufacturing, LifeScience ....
the ones i am interested in are CRM ERP and Loyaty applications.

the one thing that i need to work on have a non tech user (a business user) create his workflow and deploy it according to certain rules and conditions ... this implies that UI as great as it is specially in its new form, is usable only by tech guys. my wish is to have that simplified and automated as much as possible and make it transparent to regular users.

in my opinion, 2 things have to reviewed to accomplish this.
1 - allow to have predefined Entities or design them (Customer, Account, Transaction....)
2 - Allow Activities to accept entities as parameters or to act upon Entities within a scope
2 - have components connect to each other based on some predefined criteria : i.e: if i add an LOB activity is processing Entity Customer, the tool box should allow suggest acitivities related to it such as Costomer Account manipulation, sales activities, invoicing ....

any input on how you would approach this would be really a great point to start. if you like the idea, i'd like to get started on it, obviously with few hints on where to start and how you prefer it done.

thank you and keep up the good work.


Why C#?

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 2
Hi Team,

I have a quick question.
This is a opensource project and I read in a community that you are developing using C#. My question is why not Java or PHP. My question might be dumb but please answer.

C# became open-source recently but you guys opted it long back.

Why and How C# better than Java or PHP or Ruby


Issue connection to a remote server

Jerome Ragavan 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 4
Hi guys,

i came across an issue today were i tried to deploy to my remote server but the studio refused to connect. The connection was only established after creating a new connection to the same server and i was allowed to deploy. However after restarting the studio i was unable to connect to the remote server again even with the new connection. This only occurs on the deploy screen as the explorer works fine when connection to another server.
deploy server

How can Warewolf ESB help us?

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 3
Hi guys.
I am the operations manager of our dev company. In simple terms, how can Warewolf ESB help us?

Support for AMQP.

Robin 3 years ago • updated by Genie 2 years ago 9
When will support for AMQP be added?
Genie 2 years ago

Hi Playsted,

Firstly I agree with you and we have native support for what you are talking about in point 2 on our backlog and now that version 1 is out we are re-looking at priorities and this is something that will most definitely be up for discussion.

As for point 1, Warewolf does currently support HTTP post, that is available for you to use right now, if it is what you require.

Thanks for your input and thinking it is really appreciated and welcomed. Please keep it coming.


EIP components

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Gandalf 3 years ago 4
Hi There
You mention that this is a service bus. We are interested in using one but your buss does not mention any EIP components? Do you support them?