Studio needs to restart, if debugging with special character in Result field

Murali Naidu 4 years ago • updated by Gandalf 4 years ago 0
  1. Create a workflow with "Data merge"
  2. Assign [[a]] = warewolf
  3. and [[b]] = rocks the world
  4. Data Merge Input [[a]] and merge type "none"
  5. Input [[b]] and merge type "none"
  6. Result as "[[#$%#]]" (Special characters)
When the datamerge tool is executed
System is unable to execute the flow and then I have to close and reopen the workflow to continue
Gandalf 4 years ago
Hi Murali

Thanks for such a well documented bug! We really appreciate it.

This has been fixed now.

Thanks again.

How do I set the post request body of a web service on the design surface

anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 5
I created a source against my local couchdb install (http://localhost:5984)
I then created a web service as seen in the image below

I then saved it and placed it on the design surface passing :

{"docs": [ {"_id": "my_doc", "number": 23}, {"_id": "_design/app", "updates": { "accumulate": "function (doc, req) { var inc_amount = parseInt(req.query.amount); doc.number = doc.number + inc_amount; return [doc, \"I incremented \" + doc._id + \" by \" + inc_amount]; }" } } ]}

into the postBody variable and executed it. I got an error message as seen in the image below.

How can I pass JSON data into the request and have it execute?
Gandalf 2 years ago
We are looking into it

Compliments on Warewolf-

GianPiero 4 years ago • updated by Gandalf 4 years ago 0
Hey Guys, I have been doing some testing today and I just wanted to let you guys know that the latest build is a lot more stable then the previous builds, even on my Windows 8 machine. Well done on the good work, definitely a lot easier to use now!
Gandalf 4 years ago
Thank you GianPiero.

We hope you are enjoying the latest release.

Your feedback keeps us going!