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WW - Trigger using PreFetch function doesn't process all Rabbit Message

Wynand Vermaak 2 years ago in Server / Execution updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

Good day,

I recently monitored RabbitMQ while the Ad Hoc Journey was executing. After the Ad Hoc Journey finished executing (confirmed by looking at the ServerLog) I can still see unack'ed messages in the relevant Rabbit queue.

I've seen it happen on a number of occasions and I'm wondering if the PreFetch function while running multiple containers (12 in the example below) doesn't lock some messages (21 as per the example below) as per screenshot below: 

Image 1063

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Hi, this doesnt have to do with prefetch count. It seems that when processing a queue item that takes a long time to run. The unack times out. This is something i am investigating on another open ticket