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Connector MS SQL Server - sp output variable

zsery 6 years ago in Studio / Variables updated by Elmo 6 years ago 3

Variable is declared (stored procedure) as output only. Studio needs declare as input too, why?
Response exists but MS SQL connector does not retrieve value in this variable (response  empty), why?

Generate mapping functionality generate only recordset mapping, it is correct< Is not missing mapping for output variable from stored procedure?

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Hi zsery,

Thanks for you questions. Can you please provide us some details of your issues? Screenshots of the workflow and stored procedure would really help us resolve your query.



If I use stored procedure (ms sql) with output parameter, it is ignored by wizard and the response value is ignored too. I try defined as input output but without success. Only response a recorset ( ms sql select) is accepted.

Hi zsery

Warewolf currently does not support the returning of out variables. If possible change the proc to return a table with one row and one column.