UAT- Facing an issue when execute the workflow

Vijay Prajapati 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Warewolf Version : 2.6.10

Issue Detail : When execute the Main workflow

Please check attached image file


You can see the 2 round there is an object "[[@objGetSimStatus]]". I get data properly there. but when I check in decision goes wrongly. I have added condition like If [[@objGetSimStatus()]] Is <> (Not Equal).

You can see 3rd round there shows non existent object { @objGetSimStatus() }

Decision tools have an issue.

I'm also attaching here Server.log file



Hello Vijay,

The image provided shows the object name as "[[@objGetSimStatus]]" and later the object is called using "[[@objGetSimStatus()]]" and this might be in violation of the Warewolf Syntax. Thus this error, in this case, should rather be expected.

Kind Regards

Siphamandla Dube

Hi Siphamandla

Please ignore this.