Group to new workflow

Anonymous 2 years ago 0


I have a feature suggestion. 


Sometimes a developer will create a workflow and then realise that a portion of the workflow could be made into a sub-workflow.

Current State: 

1. Developer would open a new workflow and copy the code there and save.

2. Developer would then move the new workflow from explorer to their main workflow and wire up the new item.

Desired State:

1. Developer highlights the tools that they want to move, including their connections.

2. Developer right clicks any of the tools and selects create new workflow.

3. A new workflow is created and wired the same as the current workflow.

4. Developer will review the new workflow and save the new workflow. 

5. Developer wires the new workflow in the main workflow.


1. Developers need tools (IDE/Studio) to speed up development.

2. This feature will promote component reusability and simplify the main workflow for readability. 

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