Enhancement - Suspend Tool

Wynand Vermaak 1 year ago in Studio / Toolbox updated 1 year ago 2

Hi team,

I'd like to suggest a possible enhancement to the suspend tool. The functionality will be very valuable to the Journey team, but I'm sure that other teams may also find it valuable.

We'd like the ability to pass a DateTime field as an input on the Suspend tool. This will give us more control over the date and time that a workflow needs to be executed.

Please refer to the attached snip as an example:

Image 1024

studio tool workflow
Gandalf 1 year ago

This functionality already exists. The default option on the suspend tool: "Suspend Untill:" takes a datetime input.


Gate Tool - Can not see the old Gate Tool Name under the Failure Section.

Hemant Chauhan 2 years ago in Studio / Toolbox 0


I have added Two Gate Tool in attached workflow. 

1) Gate Initilize

2) Gate End

However I am not able to see Gate initilizer name on Gate End Failure Section. Please find attached workflow for the same. 

Under review

HTTP Post tool custom timeout input field

Anonymous 2 years ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by Elmo 2 years ago 1

HTTP Post tool custom timeout input field

We are facing issue in HTTPPost tool when third party service returns response in more than 1.5 to 2 Minutes
Seems warewolf HTTPPost tool returns timeout and not able to handle such kind of long returned response

We would like if we have input option in HTTPTool similar to SQL Database tool itself to customize timeout of any request to handle response


Couldn't see Salesforce Destination in SSIS toolbox

kaisago lorance 5 years ago in Studio / Toolbox 0


I am trying to build the SSIS Salesforce package to connect Salesforce and load data into Salesforce but in SSIS toolbox, i can't see Salesforce Destination tool box, I also tried to add using Tools --> Choose Toolbox items and check marked SalesForceConnect under .NET Framework Components but still it's not showing. I am using SSDT -Sql server Data ToolBox 2015.

Please help. 

I did not find the right solution from the Internet. 

Online Video Production Studio



execute stored proc with out variable

ThehseenShah 6 years ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by Gandalf 6 years ago 4


I have successfully executed a stored procedure and returned a data set and pushed that data into a record set but I am not able to successfully execute a proc that returns a scalar. for example my proc takes in two input vars and returns one out var called @AccountExists :

@bck_id smallint,

@acc_account_code varchar(20),

@AccountExists bit OUT

Can any one help me or point me to a tutorial or article or something to figure out how to do it


anonymous 6 years ago

Hi Thehseen,

Warewolf currently does not support the returning of out variables. If possible change the proc to return a table with one row and one column.

We are trying to work out what the best method is for allowing OUT variable return, the issue being that a proc could return multiple OUT variables as well as a table.




Jonathan Hallam 7 years ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by zqqraa 5 years ago 2


How can I monitor a gmail mailbox then action a flow when a email is received?

anonymous 7 years ago


Unfortunately we have not built a connector to read a mail box. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Under review

Run .exe with CMD line

Anonymous 7 years ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3

Hello!! I'm trying to run a .exe file, but i can't see the screen! I know that the file is open, the work flow is fine, but i can't see the screen!! where is it??

Image 242

Thank you very much for you time!

anonymous 7 years ago


So a solution for you given your process will be for you to start the other windows form application after the workflow completes.

So in your process would become:

1. A Windows form in c#, have a textbox to validate a email.

2. The submit button executes the workflow

3. The workflow do all the process and create a file with the result.

4. C# application from step 1 will start the next C# application after the workflow completes

Does this solution work for you? We will discuss your idea for the CMD line tools and possibly add it as an option.



Xpath expression support for xml with namespace prefix

Anonymous 7 years ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by Samurai Jack 7 years ago 11

Hi Team,

We are evaluating the different open source ESBs, as we started with Warewolf.
Please let us know, if you have namespace support on xpath utility you have in control/tool box.
We have xml content that uses, namespace as prefix with xml node/element name.
Please help us to construct Xpath expression for the same.



Client Connector

Anonymous 8 years ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by Gandalf 8 years ago 4
I read that you use SignalR for communication between the server and studio. Are there any plans on using SignalR to create a Client Connector+Source Tool so that we can push content to or message connected client apps?

tool studio

Tooltip text for tools in Toolbox

Wallis B 9 years ago in Studio / Toolbox updated by Gandalf 7 years ago 4
It would be cool if there was tooltip text for each tool explaining what the tool does and maybe briefly how to use it.
Gandalf 7 years ago

This functionality is now built-in all over Warewolf as of V1 in the Help area.