Using a find Index tool how can I find a character Index in different record set inputs

Anonymous 4 years ago in Studio / Toolbox • updated by Gandalf 4 years ago 1
When I try find index of character 2 in all record set using find Index tool
In fields as [[rec(*).a]],
Index “All Occurrence”
Character 2
And I want to put my output values in [[rec(*).b]] 
Output is coming as [[rec(1).b]]=2, [[rec(2).b]]=4, [[rec(3).b]]=6, [[rec(4).b]]=8, [[rec(5).b]]=2, [[rec(6).b]]=4, [[rec(7).b]]=2,[[rec(8).b]]=4,[[rec(9).b]]=6,[[rec(10).b]]=8.
Now output is coming in record set but how would I know 2 is at index 2,4,6,8 in [[rec(1).a]] = h2f2f2f2 .
And 2 is at index 2 and 4 in [[rec(2).a]]=h2f2.
And 2 is at index 2,4,6,and 8 in [[rec(3).a]] = h2f2f2f2.

Gandalf 4 years ago
Great example and good question.

The For Each tool is designed for this. Try dropping the Find Index tool into the for each and put the result into [[rec(*).b]].

When "Delete Record" set doesn't have index what it is going to delete while debugging ??

Murali Naidu 4 years ago in Studio / Toolbox • updated by Gandalf 4 years ago 0
Delete Record input doesn't have index.
but when I debug It is showing the message as success so here actually what is deleting by the Delete Record ??
At least when I debug it should show some message as record set doesn't exist.

Gandalf 4 years ago
Hi Murali

If the recordset is being used as an Input and does not have an index specified [[rec().set]], then it will use the last record.

If the recordset is being used as an Output and does not have an index specified [[rec().set]], then it will add a new record.

So in your example above, the last record in the recordset was deleted. The debug output should show you the record number.

There is a Warewolf Language Help button at the top of the studio:

It has more detail on how the language works.

Hash-based Message Authentication Code Tool

anonymous 4 years ago in Studio / Toolbox • updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0
It would be awesome if there was a tool to encrypt and decrypt data with HMAC like what is done in C# here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.security.cryptography.hmacsha512(v=vs.110).aspx

I would like this because certain RESTful web services I need to consume in Warewolf require their payload to be signed this way and currently is not possible without writing a custom plugin. Which I then need to manage on the file system of my server... Not keen to go this route.
anonymous 4 years ago
Unfortunately this tool is too specific for us to undertake at this time.

Support for SFTP

GianPiero 5 years ago in Studio / Toolbox • updated by Gandalf 4 years ago 0

Hi Guys, would it be possible to add support for SFTP based file transfers. I see that the write file tool has the ability to write to FTP & FTPS (which is great) but we use SFTP pretty much all over our system, could this be added as a new Toolbox item? Or could the existing Write File tool, be modified to incorporate this?

Gandalf 4 years ago

Cool idea. 



Text Delimiter Support for Reading CSV

GianPiero 5 years ago in Studio / Toolbox • updated by Gandalf 5 years ago 0

Hi guys, would it be possible to introduce text delimeted support for reading CSVs?

For example, let's say I have the following CSV:


'Small Branch','2','true'

'Smallest Branch','1','false'

The CSV is comma separated and text delimited. When I split it however using WareWolf, the Big and Branch in the first line are being split because there is a comma between the 2 words.  If I could specify a text delimiter then this wouldn't be a problem.

This is a common occurrence for us, as Excel tends to use Text Delimiters when saving Excel files to CSV. Could this be added for us?

Gandalf 5 years ago

This is a great usage scenario.

You can achieve this quite simply:

As each header/field etc from the file has its own row to describe how it is split and the characters to split on can be verbose you can do this 

and then repeat the pattern as you see fit.

Also, the large view for the tool (which should be out soon!) has the ability to specify an escape character if you need it.


Tool short cut keys

Chas Digal 5 years ago in Studio / Toolbox • updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 3

It would be great to have some short cut keys for each tool, or some custom keys that can be assigned. When you are working on the design surface, the slow part is finding the tool you want in the toolbox.

designer tool
Gandalf 2 years ago

Great thinking.