Decision Tool - Is Regex - failure

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Morning everyone,

Context: Business is looking at saving messaging cost, by sending an email instead of an sms - as it works out cheaper. In the business we do however face a concern with regards to the correctness of the email addresses captured by agents. We are now looking at reporting on incorrectly captured contact details in an attempt to increase the success rates of contacting our customers.  

Approach: We looked at using the decision tool's Is Regex functionality, with regular expression /^\w+([\.-]?\w+)*@\w+([\.-]?\w+)*(\.\w{2,3})+$/ to validate an email.

Problem: We found that the functionality is not working as expected - when entering a valid email address the validation fails instead of passing.

I have attached a sample workflow to demonstrate the concern: EmailValidation.bite 

designer execution studio tool workflow
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Advanced Recordset Tool fails

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When the advanced recordset tries to process a recordset that does not exist it does not throw an error but instead makes the rest of the workflow unresponsive.


Get Web Method Tool does not provide / map an output at design level when using Generate Outputs on Warewolf - execution level is fine

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Hello Team,

The Get Web Method Tool does not provide / map an output when using "Generate Outputs" on Warewolf, however execution level works fine for tools that were mapped with certain previous versions of Warewolf.

Example of Mapped output on Warewolf

Image 1106

Example on Warewolf

Image 1107

Herewith a recording with Yogesh regarding the topic - Catch-up; Masi, Wynand and Igor-20230720_100030-Meeting Recording.mp4

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Date and Time Difference tool counts wrong difference and wrong date format

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I checked date difference and date format in Utility - Date and Time Difference example of Warewolf where I found it calculated wrong difference and also date format was not correct.

Warewolf Version I am using is

Current Date: 3rd July 2023
Date Format passed in example is: yyyy/mm/dd 12h:min:ss am/pm
New date should be like 2023/07/03 but in example it was resulted 2023/03/07.

Image 1103

Date Difference:

Image 1104

Image 1105


Couldn't find full date in SQL Server tool

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Warewolf version I am using is

Millisecond part is being eliminated while getting records from database. While in my case millisecond is required. 

Image 1099


Can we please confirm that the condition "If there is no error" on the Decision tool recognizes and catches all HTTP error codes

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Hi team,

We recently ran into a number of issues, and upon investigating we've come to the conclusion that the "If there is no error" condition on the Decision Tool doesn't catch all API HTTP errors - the ones we've experienced a number of times is 400, 404, 500, 503, 504.

I have attached a sample workflow, as an example, indicating the standard way we map our API GET or Post tools. Can you please use a similar setup during testing to confirm if all HTTP errors are recognized and caught?


Wynand GetCustomerDetails.bite

execution studio tool web workflow

Split Tool Splits Date values incorrectly

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When splitting a string in WW version it converts value into Date time format as shown below and Datetime is incorrect


"TU015725753-1,1649998986,Savings,470010,A ROUX,2023-05-05,230.000,202305,8,TU015725753-1"


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Word Document reading, Checkbox reading

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I would kindly like to know if you have in your "ToolBox" along with your Control flow tools, have the ability to open and read the contents of a word document or bonus points a PDF?

Could you kindly point me to one of your example videos demonstrating that? Our customers are dealerships and have a significant amount of paperwork that needs to be automated.

They primarily rely on checkbox inputs on their paper forms.

Gandalf hace 1 año

There is no tool that does it explicitly. If you are paid subscriber, we could build one for you.


Post Tool - Various issues

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I recently started working on a certain part of the Price Increase Journey that worked last year. What has changed since then? Only the Warewolf version. The workflow in question is the GetPdfLinkDetails which contains an API Post to a 3rd party provider - InsideData. Please note that this API response is an escaped json format. For the sake of completeness, I'm using Warewolf

In the latest version of Warewolf, the API doesn't return a response in Warewolf. Whether the default - output to variable or output to object is selected, as per the below screenshots: 

Image 1074

Image 1075

However, we are able to get a response in Postman as per the following screenshot: 

Image 1076

I then decided to downgrade Warewolf to a version prior to Dev2's Post Tool changes. Once downgraded, upon opening the workflow, I get the following error: 

Image 1077

When I tried to delete the former Post Tool, highlighted in red, in order to drag on a new post tool, I get the following error: 

Image 1078

This concludes the issues experienced. The following is additional information to help with the troubleshooting:

1. The API in question can be called via a post request to the following URL: 

The request body is as follow (Please note - should be in Raw Text format - Not JSON:

"Campaign":"TUG - Price Increase",
"BatchName":"PostMan Test - 2022-08-01",
"DistributionTemplate": "TheUnlimitedInsurance",
"ArchiveOnly": true,
"CSVData":"TUS000721271;Journey Test;R20.0;R132.0;March 2023;Yes! You get INSTANT CASH BACK on selected groceries like bread, milk, nappies and more!",
"Name":"Journey Test",
"NumberMobile": "0726105303"
"RefDate1":"March 2023",

Lastly, the workflow in question is:


explorer studio tool workflow
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Warewolf Changes format of dates when receiving from stored procedure

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I have a stored procedure that outputs a date format of yyyy-MM-dd, my system regional settings date format is set to yyyy-MM-dd

When Warewolf receives the dates from the output of the stored procedure it uses a different date format not set by me or the database. I have attached sample workflows and the stored procedure to test with

see image : 

Image 1060

Image 1059