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Sorry burque505,

Which IDE are you using to work with Warewolf source code? The IronPython dependency should be resolved by your IDE's NuGet plugin just like all the other NuGet dependencies. If your IDE failed to resolve that one dependency it might cause that error. It's great that you fixed some warnings, would you mind opening a pull request to share your code changes with us? As for diagnosing Warewolf server startup there are a number of places Warewolf server publishes diagnostic errors and warnings:

  • First, check the event viewer.
  • See the server log file at "C:\ProgramData\Warewolf\Server Log\wareWolf-Server.log"
  • Running the Warewolf Server as a console window can show messages that are logged to the console output stream that might not have been logged elsewhere. For example (run from repository root directory):
    • cmd /k  "%~dp0Dev\Dev2.Server\bin\Debug\Warewolf Server.exe"


Which version of Warewolf were you using?

You can find your version by executing http://localhost:3142/secure/getserverversion.json from an internet browser or by using Warewolf Studio and right clicking on the "localhost" server in the explorer and selecting "Server Version".

Sorry Alberthan,

But I'm having trouble replicating this behaviour. Just a little more information would help explain why this is happening.

  • The authentication type used in Warewolf to connect to MySQL. There are only 2 options for authentication type, "Windows" type authentication or "User" type of authentication.
  • The edition and version of the MySQL instance you were trying to connect to.
  • Any permissions on MySQL that are relevant for viewing stored procedures for the user that Warewolf is connecting as.

I believe that it's possible to configure your permissions in MySQL to allow connections to the database but not to allow viewing some or all of the stored procedures.

Thanks for being patient with me. I know that your AWS trial of Warewolf is limited in time.

Hi Alberthan, I am working on publishing Warewolf 2.3 for Developers as a new AMI in the Amazon Marketplace. In the meantime and because warewolf.io is down, here is a link to download 2.3 that I've just created now


Please try with this version and ensure you are running by executing http://localhost:3142/secure/getserverversion.json from an internet browser on the same machine that is hosting your Warewolf server or by using Warewolf Studio and right clicking on the remote server in the explorer and selecting "Server Version".

It could also help if you could provide server and studio log files located here:

"C:\ProgramData\Warewolf\Server Log\wareWolf-Server.log"

and here:

"%localappdata%\Warewolf\Studio Logs\Warewolf Studio.log"

OK, as the one who builds Warewolf everyday for a living maybe I can explain some of this weirdness.

  • I am aware of the compile warnings when compiling the server solution. My plan is to ignore all the warnings at the file level and then have the dev team un-ignore all files they touch and to fix all the warnings on that file. I believe this will gradually but consistently improve code quality over the parts of the code that need it most.
  • The studio.sln is not used by the build engine and therefore problems with it are not immediately detected. It does get used by developers such as yourself so issues with it do tend to get back to me eventually and it does get maintained. The prefered solution right now is AcceptanceTesting.sln, which contains all relevant projects.
  • Due to the principle of least privilage, running \Dev\Dev2.Server\bin\Debug\Warewolf Server.exe requires administrator permissions. Try right clicking the .exe file and selecting "Run as administrator" to avoid file load errors due to not having enough permissions to load dependencies.
  • Any project not in the AcceptanceTesting solution is irrelevant to Warewolf and therefore not kept up to date. You can expect any out of date projects to reference out of date dependencies. I don't actually have a plan for those old projects that are no longer included in the AcceptanceTesting solution, if they are in the web.sln then they will need to be added to AcceptanceTesting and if they are not in any solution they need to be removed. Personally, I'd like to deprecate AcceptanceTesting solution and introduce a new solution for shared code, code that is used by both server and studio.
  • Release is another solution that is not automatically built and sometimes takes longer to fix than the default solution (AcceptanceTesting). It contains no test assemblies and all server and studio projects. FYI: as an optimisation, test assemblies are never compiled in release config, this goes for all solutions.

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