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It's not about testing it, it won't let you add the remote server to your server list unless the test succeeds. Ideally, the test would be optional or remove the local server dependency, and that would solve the issue.

You have to run two servers (one local, one remote) just to use the client application locally for a remote machine? How does that even make sense? That's the equivalent of saying I have to run SQL Server locally just to use SSMS for a remote SQL Server. It may not be a bug, but it certainly is a very poor client-server design.

That was not cropped intentionally, it does say port 3142. Attached are the log files.


Warewolf Studio.log

So, running the precompiled Server and Studio on a VMWare ESXi Windows 2022 guest seemed to work OK even with only 8GB of memory assigned. Not sure why it doesn't like Windows 10. However, I cannot connect to the Warewolf Server with Studio running from my laptop. I have Windows Firewall turned off on both machines, enabled Public security, and can run the Hello World task from my laptop's web browser. Any ideas on why remote connections don't work with the precompiled binary?

I think it is going to be a memory usage issue. The laptop I am testing the server and studio on only has 8 GB of memory and I think it is choking on resources. I am going to spin up a VM on another computer and run Server and Studio on separate machines and see if that helps.

Here is additional log, after dealing with an hour of constant freezes in the UI.

wareWolf-Server - Copy (3).log

Fixed. Thanks!

FYI - this last one got everything to compile. But it required basically opening every project, letting the dependencies resolve, and building each project. Classic .dll hell. The build document nor the Compile1.ps1 script work to get this beast built. Super appreciate your quick assistance to resolve these minor issues! Looking forward to seeing the build process evolve.

Looks like there is one more reference that needs to be fixed. See below screen capture.