Warewolf Studio hangs on launch?

Timothy Boyden 3 years ago in Studio updated by Ashley Lewis 3 years ago 8

Have Warewolf server (compiled from source) installed and running as a Windows service after running the StartAsService.ps1 script. Launched Warewolf Studio.exe and it just hangs with a frozen busy circle. Have to use Task Manager to kill it. What can I do to troubleshoot this condition? Screenshot of hung window below.

Warewolf Studio Hanging.png

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Can you try running Warewolf Server.exe as a console application by right clicking it and selecting "Run as Administrator"? It should open a screen like this:

The log file for the server is at "C:\ProgramData\Warewolf\Server Log\wareWolf-Server.log" Here is my log after starting as an example: Example Log File If the server doesn't start fully it can cause that behavior while trying to connect to the local server.

Here is additional log, after dealing with an hour of constant freezes in the UI.

wareWolf-Server - Copy (3).log

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Here are zipped release builds of the server and studio to compare the performance of your compiled builds against:

This will rule out any compile time causes for the studio freezing.

Your logs appear to rule out a server side cause. The studio logs are at:
"%localappdata%\Warewolf\Studio Logs\Warewolf Studio.log"

Here is my studio log after I opened the studio, opened an example workflow and executed it:
Warewolf Studio.log

If your log is not conclusive we will have to debug the studio. I am happy to remote into the machine to debug the studio if it is on the cloud. Otherwise I can help you find the right thread to debug yourself. There are a number of possible threads that could cause the UI thread to freeze.

I think it is going to be a memory usage issue. The laptop I am testing the server and studio on only has 8 GB of memory and I think it is choking on resources. I am going to spin up a VM on another computer and run Server and Studio on separate machines and see if that helps.

So, running the precompiled Server and Studio on a VMWare ESXi Windows 2022 guest seemed to work OK even with only 8GB of memory assigned. Not sure why it doesn't like Windows 10. However, I cannot connect to the Warewolf Server with Studio running from my laptop. I have Windows Firewall turned off on both machines, enabled Public security, and can run the Hello World task from my laptop's web browser. Any ideas on why remote connections don't work with the precompiled binary?

Hmmm, that's not right. If you can execute from the browser with the Public uri that means you have permission to connect as Public user. I just tried with another machine on my local network and I cannot replicate that behavior. This is nit-picking, but I noticed you cropped out the port in the New Server Source dialog. If that port is not "3142" it would cause that "Unable to contact Server" error. Otherwise I can add more logging around testing a new server source connection. Just need your logs again for server and studio from:
%programdata%\warewolf\Server Log\wareWolf-Server.log
%localappdata%\warewolf\Studio Logs\Warewolf Studio.log

That was not cropped intentionally, it does say port 3142. Attached are the log files.


Warewolf Studio.log


I've investigated the logging for testing a new server source and execute from browser. I have found the currently logged data to be sufficient. I can see no evidence in either of those logs of testing a server source or executing from the browser. Your original question was about the studio freezing, which I believe has been answered. So I'm going to close this ticket. Please open a new topic for discussing the "Exception: Unable to contact Server" error in the new server source dialog, if the problem persists. One that includes both server log files and the studio log file showing the full payload for the "TestConnectionService" in the studio log and "execute web request" in the remote server's log.