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Warewolf.Tools.Specs compile error

Timothy Boyden 3 years ago in Server updated 3 years ago 2

Received the following error when attempting to compile Warewolf.Tools.Specs:

"The command "powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -nologo -noprofile -file "C:\source\Warewolf\Warewolf-develop\Dev\Warewolf.Tools.Specs\Warewolf.Tools.Specs\Toolbox\FileAndFolder\AddGuidToPaths.ps1"" exited with code -196608."

Required for compiling Dev2.Activities.Specs. Which is required for compiling Server.

source server

Fixed. Thanks!

FYI - this last one got everything to compile. But it required basically opening every project, letting the dependencies resolve, and building each project. Classic .dll hell. The build document nor the Compile1.ps1 script work to get this beast built. Super appreciate your quick assistance to resolve these minor issues! Looking forward to seeing the build process evolve.