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Hi! Um, can you give some simple steps I can use to reproduce this behavior? I executed a simple workflow like this on version but it's not behaving exactly the way you described:

Image 1131

Note that if you have an 'On Error' variable the tool won't throw any errors.

  1. See
  2. PRTG can be configures to monitor any performance counter in Windows, including the Warewolf ones. See
  3. Alerts are logged in the server log file when Warewolf server is running low on memory.
  4. PRTG can do this. See

Have you considered using mocks? The database will not be called if the database activity is replaced with a mock in the test. When the test is run the mocked activity will always output the provided data and never actually call the database.

DAL workflow works when run on it's own, but not when it is a sub-workflow?

The test still works fine though...

Screenshot taken from Warewolf

I'm not sure I understand. In my experience the test execution goes by the order the tools are executed in the workflow. For me, it always finds the correct assert/mock no matter what order the asserts/mocks are in. Can you give some example workflows and tests to demonstrate this behavior more clearly?

I have reposted this private ticket so the rest of the community can learn from it.

Json data is handled in Warewolf as object variables, see:,Objects,-The%20notation%20for

Object variables can be set as inputs using the variable list, see: 

Once they are inside your workflow they can be manipulated using the Assign Object, and Select and Apply tools, see:,Assign%20Object,-Use%20the%20Assign

New json objects can be created using the Create Json tool, see:,Create%20Json,-Use%20the%20Create

Then you can use the Web Service tool to make a HTTP POST request with the json object in the body, see: