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Hi I'm Ashley, I do the versioning for Warewolf.

Could you do me a favour and post your server version? You should be able to get it from http://ipaddress:3142/services/GetServerVersion

Also, when did you log into the Azure VM for the first time? (Your version should be latest version as of that time)

If you could also find and post the server log file, it should be at %programfiles(x86)%\Warewolf\Server\warewolf-server.log

Thank you so much for raising this issue. And if you do get back to us thank you for doing us this huge favour.

EDIT: You might wanna send the server log file to instead of posting it here as it may contain sensitive information.

Can I also just add that it's the best environment for creating workflows within Windows. It's better than Visual Studio because you can drop other workflows into your workflow and the design surface is faster and looks better. It's also easier and simpler to execute and debug workflows thatn Visual Studio.