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Created a new connection to ELMOs pc

Deployed form it

Worked with the test I had deployed from a workflow on his machine.

Clicked create new workflow Icon

Added an assign to it.

Clicked Save and got this error.

See the selected server is localhost, however the new workflow was on Elmans machine!

At the end of your procedure:

SELECT @AccountExists AS [AccountExists]

Make sure you add the AS [AccountExists] portion so that the mapping can work correctly.

Hungarian dialect: The index is outside of the bounds of the array showed.

Thanks Martin

We have resolved this issue and it will be deployed with v1.5 release

There should be no need to separate the headers as per your example. Warewolf takes care of these for you, in the background. Simply put the Header item in the Header field and its corresponding Value in the Value field. Here is an example: