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Off you go then. Or can you give more information?

This functionality already exists. The default option on the suspend tool: "Suspend Untill:" takes a datetime input.

Ja, we just need to get the Asserts ordering properly. Easy ticket.

  1. run Hallo world in Studio
  2. Click make test in debug
  3. Save test in Test editor
  4. Open hallo world and insert an assign before the descision. 
    Hallo a world
  5. Open the test you created earlier.
  6. On the test designer, click the recently inserted Assign
  7. Observe: assign Assert node appended at bottom of list not in line with when it executes

Yes, you would just click them in the designer to the right of the Mock/Assert blocks and they would appear in the right place on the Mock/Assert blocks, like they do now. Only now they always append at the bottom.

If the test blocks were moveable and when clicked on the designer added to the right place, you would get the functionality youre looking for. Would this work?
A refresh wouldnt know which nodes to load so would have to load all of them which is not always practical.

Hi Hemant

We are working on a web UI and will include this in that version. In the interim, why dont you try

There is a specific "Reduce Eyestrain" feature which I use.

The Debug Input is not holding the data correctly for the second execution. 

Hi Anonymous.
Please provide your email address and we will send the link through to you. You can email or you can fill in the contact us form as per the webiste:



Is also not working. I know the outputs are not mapped if there is an error in the SQL