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Enhancement - Warewolf Test Framework

Wynand Vermaak 2 years ago in Studio updated by Gandalf 2 years ago 8

Good day,

Suppose we have a workflow with several test cases. When we make changes to the workflow, due to a change in requirement, all our current test cases will fail, because the pattern of the nodes on the workflow is now different.

Currently, we need to delete all of these test cases and re-create them in order for it to pass. Is it possible that instead of deleting them, we have the functionality to "refresh" them in order to pick up the new nodes / pattern of the nodes and from there we can make the relevant changes if needed?



Under review

If the test blocks were moveable and when clicked on the designer added to the right place, you would get the functionality youre looking for. Would this work?
A refresh wouldnt know which nodes to load so would have to load all of them which is not always practical.

Morning Barney,

Yes, this can work. Would the suggested functionality cater for new nodes that might have been added to the workflow since the tests were written?


Yes, you would just click them in the designer to the right of the Mock/Assert blocks and they would appear in the right place on the Mock/Assert blocks, like they do now. Only now they always append at the bottom.

I'm not sure I understand. In my experience the test execution goes by the order the tools are executed in the workflow. For me, it always finds the correct assert/mock no matter what order the asserts/mocks are in. Can you give some example workflows and tests to demonstrate this behavior more clearly?

  1. run Hallo world in Studio
  2. Click make test in debug
  3. Save test in Test editor
  4. Open hallo world and insert an assign before the descision. 
    Hallo a world
  5. Open the test you created earlier.
  6. On the test designer, click the recently inserted Assign
  7. Observe: assign Assert node appended at bottom of list not in line with when it executes

The test still works fine though...

Screenshot taken from Warewolf

Ja, we just need to get the Asserts ordering properly. Easy ticket.