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For each loop issue: All Recordset index values not passing into child workflow

Ashley Lewis 2 years ago in Server / Execution updated by Siphamandla Dube 2 years ago 2


I have noticed that All the values of recordset are not passing into child workflow for each loop. I have checked this same behavior into the Select & Apply tool and it's working fine.

Please check the sample attached workflows & issue into screenshot.

ForLoopIssue-MainWorkflow (1).bite
ForLoopIssue-ChildWorkflow (1).bite

Gandalf 5 months ago

It looks like the For Each is getting confused with 2 different recordset inputs: User(*) and Benefit(*)

Gandalf 5 months ago

Change For Each to use No. of Executes = 3 and see different result. This is from the tool handeling the replacement of * differently and incorectly.

Yogesh Rajpurohit yesterday at 9:13 a.m.

We have checked and found that the sequence of BenifitID in User Payload is incorrect so we changed the sequence and checked the result. Output is coming properly.

Attached are the Edited Workflows.

ForLoopIssue-ChildWorkflow (2).bite
ForLoopIssue-MainWorkflow (2).bite

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I have reposted this private ticket so the rest of the community can learn from it.