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Hi, Ashley

Now the flows was saved !

I could generate database connection, but in flow no Stored Procedures apper in Action fields. I builded 3 stored procedures in mysql database but nothing there in Mysql tool.

Same problem in my AWS image from Werewolf Licenced.

And cound't connect to databases too.

Hi, Grommit

Thank you for fast reply

I sended a new e-mail titled : Grommit: Expert support and windows version

I took a look into SSESetup. It looks promising. 

Do you know if it's can compile the soffware or just create a installer window?

Please, keep us informed about your experiments.


Hi Burque, thank you for sharing!

Is the installation still stable? 

I'm thinking of creating an auto installer. Did you create one? Some solutions are using Bitnami for it.

The ideia is create a fast auto install package to onpremise clients. Any ideia?