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I am currently trying to review your product but encountering a problem being able to call the webservice from another PC (Not localhost) Whereby I am receiving an authentication logon box. How do I configure the webserver for this product to use Anonymous connections. I have installed this on an Azure VM and have opened the firewall and added the network group security in Azure. (In IIS I would be looking at Authentication config, but there seems to be no interface for managing this, or at least one I have found)

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Glad to hear it is working for you now.

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Hi Leigh,

Thanks for your post. Please refer to the following post:


Essentially the steps are as follows:

Settings Screen -> Set Public Profile on the Server section (the top section) to have View and Execute permissions (by ticking the check boxes).

Please let us know if you still having trouble.


Thanks for the reply and email. I appear to of missed the change of the URL from Secure to Public.
Step two on https://warewolf.io/knowledge-base/articles/security-public/

Many thanks

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Glad to hear it is working for you now.

Hi Leigh

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