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Connector SQL Server ERROR ExecuteXMLReader

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I have a problem with the stored procedure on the MSSQL server. I did it the same way as in the tutorial PDF, but with a different database. When I want to debug the flow, I only get the following error message: The command sent to ExecuteXmlReader is invalid. The command must return an XML result.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Michael

We discovered that the problem is caused by the SQL server default language setting. The version of Warewolf you are using expects the language to be English. 

You are able to change the language of the SQL server to English,the default code for English is 0, please see the following link:


Hi Elmo

I am not sure at the moment if it would be so good if I changed the language of the SQL Server. There are other subsystems that connect to this database.

Can I use a different version of Warewolf? The default language of the SQL Server is "German".

Thank you.

Yes, you can use the Warewolf It will not have the same requirement.

You can download it at the following link:


Please be sure to uninstall the current version of Warewolf before attempting to install an earlier version.

Yeah! Thank you. Now it's running. 

So it is not possible that the stored procedure will run in "german" with future versions?


Great news! 

For your piece of mind I can confirm that our next release will include support for other languages. 

May you have an enjoyable experience with Warewolf. Feel free to make use of the Warewolf knowledge-base for a full overview of the tools and functionality available to you.