SQL Error: Error converting data type nvarchar to int

Edgar Gárate 6 years ago in Studio / Output updated by Grommit 6 years ago 4

Running the same example of the SQL video Connector in debugging mark data type conversion error, the stored procedure has an integer type parameter, in the query analyzer the stored procedure works well

Image 562

Image 563

Image 561

database designer variables debug

Hi Edgar,

Thanks for your post. Based on your screen shot it looks like no value is being passed in for the parameter. Not sure if you are running by pressing the 'Debug' button, F5 or F6. If you either press the 'Debug' button or F5 you will be presented with a dialog that should ask for a value for the [[CantProd]] variable if you input something like 4 you should get a result. Please let us know if you do not.

Thanks Genie

Yes, I am running by pressing the Debug Button F6, on this screen with value 5.

Hi Edgar

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