Is Windows Azure cspack.exe open source?

Nicole Wells 6 years ago in Azure updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1

Hello Experts,

I'm trying to pack my Java Azure project in Mac and I cannot find the source code for cspack.exe. So far, I've managed to run Azure Eclipse plugin and successfully created a project but when trying to deploy it cannot run cspack.exe. I've downloaded Windows Microsoft Azure Tools and seen CsPack.cs up to the following lines

// Run CsPack to generate the package
  new ProcessStartInfo(Path.Combine(AzureSdkBinDirectory, Resources.CsPackExe),
    args), out standardOutput, out standardError);

And I don't really know if this component it's open source or not. If cspack.exe is proprietary, is there any way to simulate cspack.exe. I know it compresses the project to a zip file but I could use any documentation.

Help me on this !


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