VB DLLs and Objects

Justin Blaauw 9 years ago in Studio / Sources updated by Gandalf 9 years ago 2
I am fairly new to the Microsoft experience, but was wondering if the DLLs have to be C# or can they be VB to use in Warewolf? Can I create objects in the DLL and access them from Warewolf ?
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Hi Justin,

Yes it can be done. But you need to wrap the VB DLL because VB compiles to unmanaged code.
The wrapper wraps the unmanaged DLL within a managed DotNET DLL.
Its a fairly straightforward process. CodeProject have an article and some source samples to help you along the way.


The other key issue of importance is that Warewolf is an ESB, so we only work with objects that can be serialized, so your VB methods that you call from Warewolf need to return simple, serializable objects.

I hope this helps.