Warewolf-2.6.4: Trigger: On Local environment trigger is not picking the data from Rabbit MQ in most cases.

maya khambhayata 3 years ago in Server 0

Discussion-20211022_124100-Meeting Recording.mp4 in Warewolf-2.6.4 version, I have created 4 triggers in local environment and set the concurrency to more than 1. It created the queue in RabbitMQ. While pushing the data to queue in RMQ. It is not picking data most of the time. I have to edit something in trigger and save again. For example i have to change concurrency from 2 to 3 OR 3 to 2. then only trigger is picking data from RMQ. Also checked with other team members too. They are also facing same issue. Here I am attaching video recording for same.