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Still in this scenario, in order to minimize administration overhead, I'm thinking in creating an Web API in my portal to allow the configuration of the link between portal variable (SignalR) and Warewolf variable or, creating a connector in Warewolf that list all portal variables (available on SignalR app) and then, set the link between variables. When I say link, I mean set which warewolf url SignalR app should call to set its variable value.

Is that possible or reasonable? Is there other simplier options?

Thanks again!


Thank you very much!

Hi! I'm new to warewolf esb.

This "SignalR" variables are temperature, pressure, etc, from given device. I would like to set some conditions on warewolf esb service, like, "If variable1 > 30 then Call-AnotherService".


Instead of hosting, are you planning to give ability to connect to existing wcf services to use and expose it's data over esb?
I mean, an interface that's allow us to load wcf dll contract and then expose it?
This will save a lot of time from developing new connectors and reuse existing services.

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I understand that approach, but in some environments, especially industrial, we have specific data sources like machines, devices, etc, that needs specific protocols and already has wcf services that offer real time monitoring, data collect, etc. An ESB with ability to concentrate these services will give a huge help to integrate these silos with other services and data.
A lot of companies has many data/services silos (departments), becoming hard to integrate them. The ability to concentrate these services into a single ESB will give more focus to this ESB and will direct new integration solutions over it.
Today, this WCF services are hosted by IIS, WAS, Windows Services, Custom ESB, Windows Server Service Bus (supports only messages based services), etc.