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I admit I'm still a beginner to this kind of stuff so forgive me if I word something that doesn't make sense but I was thinking of cases where you might have two or more client apps connected and maybe some data is updated by one of them and you want that immediately reflected in other apps. I was first thinking in terms of event listeners also but when I read about SignalR it sounded like something that could be used to accomplish this. Of course client apps could mimic this behavior by continually fetching data from a database but that's not true real time updates and is an unnecessary drain on resources.

Imagine some type of service related business that has two different client end apps, the sales department might have an app for entering a new order, and a dispatch department might have an app to assign a subcontractor to the order. When a new order entry is completed there should be an event that pushes an alert to the dispatch app notifying them of a new order in their queue.
The main thing I'm thinking of is real time updates and alerts to client apps, just like how the Warewolf server is able to give that kind of feedback to the studio.