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Which encoding do Warewolf use?

Without the special characters, it works great. But I can't let them out.
I tried to escape them with unicode. So for example the ä = \u00c4. When I debug the workflow in the browser, it looks perfect. The problem now is, that warewolf saves not the unicode in the variable. The output file only contains characters like "ä" instead of \u00c4.

For replacing it, I used the JS module.

JS code: json = json.replace(/ä/g, '\u00e4');
I have tested the code with some other strings.

Do you have any other idea, how to solve the problem?


Yes, there are no problems with the GET call. Now I think I found the issue. In the description value are some letters like ä, ü, ö and so on. 

Do you know, how I can fix this? 



sorry, the view is to small. But the Content-Type ist set to application/json.


  1. Thats just a local instance of the Shopware API -> http://shopware/api/articles/
  2. body.json I tested this on some other API tools and it works great. 
  3. Header:
    1. Content-Type: application/json
    2. Authorization: Basic *Key*

Hi Grommit,

I currently have no access to a newer version of Windows Server. Maybe in a week or two.

It would be nice if warewolf would run on the Windows Server 2008. So if you have any suggestions for troubleshooting, feel free to let me know. 

Does the warewolf studio require an active internet connection?

Yeah! Thank you. Now it's running. 

So it is not possible that the stored procedure will run in "german" with future versions?

Hi Elmo

I am not sure at the moment if it would be so good if I changed the language of the SQL Server. There are other subsystems that connect to this database.

Can I use a different version of Warewolf? The default language of the SQL Server is "German".

Thank you.

Thanks for the solution. But that doesn't change anything.

I will try to install warewolf on a newer version of Windows Server and see what happened.

Hello, Elmo

The Warewolf Server runs as a local system account.

Studio Log says I'm not authorized. My user is also in the Warewolf Administrators Group, but nothing changes.

Warewolf Studio.log