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Great news! 

For your piece of mind I can confirm that our next release will include support for other languages. 

May you have an enjoyable experience with Warewolf. Feel free to make use of the Warewolf knowledge-base for a full overview of the tools and functionality available to you.

Yes, you can use the Warewolf It will not have the same requirement.

You can download it at the following link:

Please be sure to uninstall the current version of Warewolf before attempting to install an earlier version.

Hi Michael

We discovered that the problem is caused by the SQL server default language setting. The version of Warewolf you are using expects the language to be English. 

You are able to change the language of the SQL server to English,the default code for English is 0, please see the following link:

Thank you for the feedback.

The user account you are using does not have to correct privileges to access the Warewolf web service.

To solve the problem:

1. Ensure that the studio is not open in any other user session.

2. In the user account session that has the problem, run the installer and select "repair".

If installed with Administration rights, Warewolf will run on Windows Server 2008 Datacenter without any problems. If the resources load in the studio explorer before the crash. it indicates that the studio is successfully communicating with the Warewolf server, because the resource catalog is provided by the Warewolf server instance.

The Warewolf server instance is a windows service that by default runs using the Local System Account(SYSTEM). Warewolf studio can be run by any user account on the machine if they have the correct rights to the execute the studio.

However if the Warewolf server is not run as a Local System Account, it would prevent other user accounts from connecting to the Warewolf server within their user session due to permission constraints. 

Providing us with the log files for the studio and the server would assist us in correctly diagnosing the problem you are encountering.

Warewolf Studio:  "%AppData%\..\Local\Warewolf\Studio Logs" file called "Warewolf Studio.log"

Warewolf Server:  "%ProgramData%\Warewolf\Server Log" file called  "wareWolf-Server.log"

Hi Michael

Was Warewolf installation successful?

If Warewolf is successfully installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 the Warewolf studio will open directly after the installation has completed.

Good day Michael

Thank you for choosing Warewolf as your SOA solution.

There is one installation file for both Warewolf Studio and Server. Which version of Windows Server 2008 are you using? Warewolf is compatible with 64bit Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 or higher. For more information please refer to the minimum required specifications for Warewolf at

Could you please provide us with the log file for both the Warewolf Studio and Server for us to diagnose the problem you have encountered?

The log files can be found in :

Warewolf Studio:  "%AppData%\Local\Warewolf\Studio Logs" file called "Warewolf Studio.log"

Warewolf Server:  "%ProgramData%\Warewolf\Server Log" file called  "wareWolf-Server.log"