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Can you please provide us with steps and an example workflow.

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Hi oussemabenamor96

Warewolf is a workflow engine that has the ability to interface with RabbitMQ. It has the ability to send emails using SMTP and MS Exchange. Warewolf has many more capabilities which are easily utilized via the set of already available tools. The tools are dropped on the workflow design surface and ready to execute according to the details provided to them.

The simplified tools are simple to use and yet very powerful in functionality. This results in your business processes being highly visible, easily understood, and able to be changed on the fly when/if required.

Another great feature is that each workflow becomes a REST API which allows rapid deployment with security already part of the implementation.

I hope this answers your question. Please go check out or Azure or AWS offerings at Get Warewolf

Hi Daniel

Warewolf provides restful services and can orchestrate the communications between 3rd party services that are easy to develop and maintain by any developer.

It can be exposed as a service bus to serve front end web services.

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Hi Mohit Arora

Can you please provide us with the version of Warewolf you are running and the Windows version you are running it on?

Hi Mohit Arora

The web tools require you to set up a resource, you can set up a new resource by selecting the "NEW" option (see attached image". Please see the examples available in the Warewolf studio for a better understanding of the GET tool.

Hi urmi.vijayvargiy

All workflows in Warewolf are API endpoints that accept GET and POST methods. You can integrate your .NET application via the Warewolf's API layer.

Hi burque505

Can you provide us with :

  • The version of Warewolf you are running 
  • The version of Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word?

Hi k.rajesh1241

Have you tried rebooting your pc and trying again?