Unload external dlls from the designer

Paul Cannell 8 лет назад в Studio / Designer обновлен Gandalf 6 лет назад 2
I create a class library. I firstly discover that you cant return .Net basic types (string, int, bool etc) once I returned a class things were fine. Perhaps this needs to be in a hint :)
However in discovering this I rebuilt my dll a number of times. I couldnt copy it to the place I had referenced because warewolf has a handle to that DLL. Im assuming you host components like this in a separate appDomain so if you give me the ability to recycle that so I can do a build / deploy cycle without me having to shutdown warewolf would be great. If you can already do this and I just havnt figured out how, ... well then shame on me :)


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Thanks Paul. We are looking into both your issues.

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