As part of our architecture framework for WareWolf development, I need to come up with a set of naming conventions for variables(inputs or outputs) in WareWolf workflows.

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Can you suggest a naming convention for WareWolf workflow variables(below are my thoughts):

-For input variables (eg . WorkflowName_In_Variablename)

-For output variables (eg . WorkflowName_Out_Variablename)

-For variables from other workflows that kick off other work flows (eg . WorkflowNameParent_WorkflowName_In_Variablename)

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This is a very personal decision and depends on the environment and application being built.

We have found that keeping the variables static to purpose almost always ends up being simpler.

For example: If you have a variable [[FirstName]] rather standardise on that throughout the entire Warewolf Infrastructure, than make it particular to the environment/service it is running in. This speeds up your dev as well as when reusing services, the variables are automatically mapped for you, no effort required.

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