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Anonymous 9 years ago updated by Gandalf 9 years ago 3
I have a new problem with Warewolf ESB.

I installed Warewolf ESB into MS Azure Windows Server 2008 R2.

The studio is open, I can expand collapse items in left side menu, and can I click items (flows) and items is open. But the icons in top of window is disabled (with red circle with red minus sign aka stop sign).

How can I to enable the menu/icon items in the top of windows?

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Hi Dezso

This can happen if you are connected to a server that you do not have permission to perform certain actions on. Please send a screen shot that includes the explorer.


I solved the problem.

At first I used a type of A1 (1 core ,1.75 Gb mem) VM machine from Azure.
I saw that the service (WWESb dropped some errors, and startd very slow)
I changed the VM to A2 (2 cores, 3.5 Gb mem). Well, It works fine. Finally!!


Great, thanks for letting us know.