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When using foreach Id like to know the "count" that Im on.
I have 1000 records in my set and after say 100 id like todo something. Id need to know how many iterations the foreaach has gone over.
So like [[=currentCount]] or some such idea would be useful.

Secondly id like to be able to perform complex activities here. If I want to make a DB call after each 100 records re processed id need a decision and then a DB service. I recognise that I could make a seperate workflow for this it just seems lots of effort for a simple thing. 
Hi Paul

Idea 1. Im not sure if this is what you are looking for: The for Each executes from 1 to x. Each iteration replaces * in the tool/service being executed with that number. When that number = a particular number, you want to take a new and different action?

Idea 2. We will be introducing a sequence tool that allows you to group a number of actions together and you could put that inside the For Each. Would that solve your problem?
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