Why C#?

Anonymous 10 years ago updated by Gandalf 10 years ago 2
Hi Team,

I have a quick question.
This is a opensource project and I read in a community that you are developing using C#. My question is why not Java or PHP. My question might be dumb but please answer.

C# became open-source recently but you guys opted it long back.

Why and How C# better than Java or PHP or Ruby

Hi Raj,

C# isn't necessarily better. All languages have their strengths and weaknesses.

But the answer to your question isn't really about languages, It's more about the history of Warewolf.  The idea for Warewolf originated within a development team that builds all of its bespoke applications on the Microsoft platform. At it's core, the Warewolf server essentially runs Windows workflow foundation, and our default security technology is Active directory. So it was inevitable that Warewolf would be built using C#.

Our decision to go open source was taken this year, several years after we started developing Warewolf, which is how we ended up with Warewolf as an open source C# project.

But now that we are open source, we are looking at the feasibility of building a Linux version of the server at some point in the future.

I hope this answers your question.