Service governance and SSO authentication

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Hi guys
Does your ESB have Service governance tools and SSO authentication support?

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Yes. firstly Warewolf uses Active Directory natively for SSO authentication.

In terms of service governance, it is very simple to a build monitoring, logging and reporting layer into Warewolf.
Implementing real time monitoring and error handling with Warewolf is also simple. In fact, we regard it as a best practice in production system deployments.

Most of the tools within Warewolf have the ability to send an error report to a specified microservice if the tool fails - so for these - simply specify the microservice URL and send the error reporting messages.

For Monitoring metrics, you can build two simple embedded micro-services that you add at the start and end of the microservice. The first one sets the startup metrics values and the second one collates the metrics and either logs them or sends them to a central microservice for logging, and feeding into a monitoring platform like Kibana https://www.elastic.co/downloads/kibana for real time monitoring.

Warewolf can also be used to send notifications by email, IM, or SMS