Copy services/workflows between computers

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First off great product! It has made learning about SOA using an ESB very fun. I think I already know the answer to my question but I'm wondering if there's a way to copy services/workflows between computers. I read about the need to be connected to a different server in order to deploy to it. My question comes about because I work on a lot of my application projects at work and home and I typically use a drop box to pass my project files from one place to the next. Is there anyway I can do that with my work in Warewolf? Thanks!


Heres a good place to start in the repository or to understand how it all works:
https://github.com/Warewolf-ESB/Warewolf-ESB/blob/development-stable/Dev/Example Shipper/Example Shipper/Program.cs
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Hi Garrett,

Firstly thanks for the great question. OK, so the short answer to your question is No, there isn't an easy way to achieve this at present in Warewolf, the reason being that each Warewolf service is signed and if you copy it to another Warewolf server that server will not load it.

We implemented this feature thinking it would be a security flaw, that someone can copy someone else's services and just be able to run it, however we have had more requests asking for it to be removed. So we have planned it into our backlog to remove the feature or make it an opt feature rather than always on.

However if you want to be able to do this before we get to that piece of work, you are more than welcome to fork our repository and remove it yourself, you can get the repository on Warewolf-ESB on github.

Hope this helps :)