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.net dll using third party libaries

Stephen 7 years ago in Studio / Designer updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1


I'm trying to build a new dll and have some issues with it, when adding it to a step in warewolf workflow.

I've used this resource of creating the dll: https://warewolf.io/knowledge-base/using-dlls/

1. I've notice that different namespaces does not work well (after i fixed namespaces then methods works).

2. Then when u include my data layer on my new dll then the workflow raize an "Object Refrence Not Set",

NB* : I've tested my dll with UnitTests and the dll does work just in warewolf workflow is not working.

Did anyone else have this same issue, and what is the best practice of using the dll component in warewolf workflow.

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Please note that the DLL's that your executing DLL is dependent on need to be in the same folder as the executing folder. If possible you can zip up the DLL's and send it to us and we can try it from our side.