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Licensing and support

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I wanted to clarify the license and support pricing... do I understand it correctly that we can use Warewolf to create commercial service offerings without cost other than the optional support packages? We have been using K2 for years but it is simply out of the budget for smaller companies that stand to gain tremendous value from workflow based solutions. With Warewolf we see that there may be a way for us to service smaller companies if there were no licensing fees for the workflow engine. We would also like the freedom to create SaaS based solutions where we host the workflow engine in the cloud, on-prem or even with a hybrid approach. Please confirm that there are no licensing costs for using Warewolf - only the optional support fees on a monthly basis.

Thanks for your help with this. I would like to start testing Warewolf to see how feasible it would be for us to start using but different folks in the office were reading the licensing/pricing terms differently and I wanted to reach out and get an answer from you directly.

Thanks so much for creating such a remarkable product and choosing to share it with the community.


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Hi Ed

Thank you for your compliments, we really appreciate it!

Yes you are correct, right now there are no licensing costs to run Warewolf ESB, however a support package based on number of cores is highly recommended. While you can get "Community Support" here, our team of experts are the best people to support you for business critical issues.

Regarding your hybrid approach, you can also spin up a Warewolf VM in Azure - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/partners/warewolf-esb/warewolf-esb/
This will give you the most flexibility in a hybrid solution and cut down on hardware costs.

Please reach out if you have any more questions!

Hi Ed

Is there anything else we can help with on this issue?