Input on how you would approach this

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Awesome piece of work guys. i'd like to contribute but need your insight first.

this tool is amazing and can be a tool some companies have had problems getting up and running. you've done the hardest part.

what i believe should be done is create out of the box line of business tools grouped into packages by business type, function or industrie. say for example, CRM, ERP, Manufacturing, LifeScience ....
the ones i am interested in are CRM ERP and Loyaty applications.

the one thing that i need to work on have a non tech user (a business user) create his workflow and deploy it according to certain rules and conditions ... this implies that UI as great as it is specially in its new form, is usable only by tech guys. my wish is to have that simplified and automated as much as possible and make it transparent to regular users.

in my opinion, 2 things have to reviewed to accomplish this.
1 - allow to have predefined Entities or design them (Customer, Account, Transaction....)
2 - Allow Activities to accept entities as parameters or to act upon Entities within a scope
2 - have components connect to each other based on some predefined criteria : i.e: if i add an LOB activity is processing Entity Customer, the tool box should allow suggest acitivities related to it such as Costomer Account manipulation, sales activities, invoicing ....

any input on how you would approach this would be really a great point to start. if you like the idea, i'd like to get started on it, obviously with few hints on where to start and how you prefer it done.

thank you and keep up the good work.

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Hi Souheil

Thanks for the feedback, we like it too ;)

We do not believe that you can replace technical people when it comes to building Secure and lasting applications. There are concepts that need to be understood, like variables and recordsets that we/you know and take for granted that we know.

Saying that, we agree with Einstein, "Everything should be made as simple as possible and no simpler!"

We like your idea of different tools and hence made them easy to expand. You can read about that here.

I think creating CRM, ERP and Loyalty applications and making them available inside the application as starting points for people is a great idea and we would be happy to guide you on that.

Kind Regards