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Issue with Hello World default Workflow

Shruti Soni 1 year ago in Studio updated by Gandalf 1 year ago 1

HelloWorld test cases issue

Hello Team,

In warewolf , Hello world is a default workflow.

Now when we move that to server then error is giving on Hello World test cases as per attached file.(file name :- HelloWorld test cases issue.html)

Then we made test cases for that and added to server to resolve the issue of test cases of Hello World WF.

Again we were facing the same issue and so we delete that test cases and push it to server.

Again error was same.

Now ,we came to know that WW is copying test cases files from program files(x86) to root folder even if we have deleted them from the root folder.

Please resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

I am using WW version

tool studio
Under review

If installed resources (Hello World and Examples) are deleted, they should not be replaced on server startup.