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Monetary values pulls through incorrectly

Wynand Vermaak 2 years ago in Installer updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

Morning team,

We recently discovered that monetary pulls through incorrectly.

In the first snip you will see that we pass in the values of 35.00 and 172.00 from the db as replace values for the CommsEngine.

Image 1027

In the following snip, you will see how these amounts show up in an email, which are incorrect. (35.0 and 172.0)

Image 1028

Attached you will find an example workflow where we were able to re-produce the error. When you enter 35.00 as an input in the workflow and execute it in the browser, you fill see that the result is 35.0, as per the following snip:

Image 1029

Herewith the file to test:DecimalTest.bite

Can this please be investigated and resolved - its a current production facing issue.



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